Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 7, 2011

Getting to the bottom of things

Wherever you go in Italy there are naked bottoms. Most of them are lovely.


David’s bottom.


Neptune’s bottom in PiazzaSignoria, Florence.


Another Piazza Signoria bottom.


Donatella’s David.


A female bottom.


A pert Pistoia bottom.


A Bernini bottom in Piazza Navona.





More Bernini bottoms. He did them well.


This one needs a clean up, the whole fountain, not just the bottom.


The Roman equivalent of a wet T shirt competition.


Finns do a good bottom as well. This one looked a bit cold in the park.


This lovely bottom is in the fountain beside the harbor in Helsinki.


This is one of the naked workers’ bottoms. Here are the rest.



The partly covered bottom on the pier at Forte dei Marmi.


The cute little bottom of the colt at Pietrasanta.


Here is the rest of him.


Another Pietrasanta bottom.


A big Botero bottom at Pietrasanta.


Babies’ bottoms are the cutest.

I’m going to start on feet next.

I’m in Hong Kong on the last leg of my trip home.
Liz will do the next few posts about her trip to Eastern Europe.


  1. Pretty nice post Debra, these bodies are a pleasure to see… and not only the bottom of them.

    • Thank you. They are everywhere when you look for them.

  2. I’m speechless! what a collection you have amassed here! Hope you’ve had a great time in Helsinki, safe journey.

    • This is just the start! Helsinki was cold, but great. I’m waiting for the last plane now.

  3. These photos are amazing, Deb. Love the pairing of images with the appropriate bodily idiiom–so hip of you! (I know. It’s bad. I just couldn’t help being cheeky.)

    Have a safe trip home.


    • 2 puns without trying, well done!

  4. You must had fun, making these photos!!!!

    • I always have fun with my camera!

  5. Wonderful bottoms! They could well be from a Brazilian 🙂
    (not mine though) Hehehe

    • Perhaps I need to go to Brazil.

  6. Strange you seem to have missed out the obvious ones. “La ninfa da Bagni di Lucca” and the one in the new fountain in the public gardens in Bagni?


    Mike Gower

    • I forgot about the fountain in La Villa. I have photographed her from the front. Who is La Ninfa?

      • La Ninfa (Nymph) is the iconis symbol of BDI. The original is in Villa Ada, but there are small statuettes for sale everywhere in Bagni. Go to the Tourist office next time you are in bagni, and you can buy your very own “Ninfa” to stand on your mantlepiece. Incidentally, she has a delicious bum.

      • I thought it might have been her. I have photographed her in Villa Ada, but as I can’t get in, I have only taken photos of her from the front after having crawled through the rose bushes.

  7. Bottoms galore, my goodness! Love those lively themes, Deb, the fun and pun behind yours lens. What next?

    • I have lots more faces, from Venice and Naples.

  8. Charming and fun. Did you notice the pun hidden in From a Tuscan Villa’s comment …..’what a collection you have amASSed here’….couldn’t help it. Lovely shots of lovely rears, as you said there’s no end to them…safe travels and another ‘grazie’ for the light and bright you bring to our lives/days.

    • I completely missed Tuscan Villa’s comment. I must be a bit slow.

  9. P.S. I love the charming ‘flakes’ that filter down on your blog entries of recent.

  10. Bottoms up (a drinking toast) to this post.

    • Cheers to you too!

  11. That was a fantastic array of bottoms. Love it.

  12. This is beautiful! The Italians certainly have nice bottoms. I love this idea, what fun!

    • There are certainly some lovely bottoms about.

  13. If I’m not wrong, the female bottom is from “The Rape of the Sabines”, the beautiful sculpture by Giovanni da Bologna that we can admire at the Loggia dei Lanzi (Piazza della Signoria) in Florence. It is one of my favourite sculptures. On the other hand, I hate the David. Perhaps, I am the only one who hates that sculpture…..

    • You are correct, the female bottom is from the Rape of the Sabines. You know your bottoms.

  14. … bottoms can be so expressive!

    • It pays to look behind some of these beautiful sculptures.

  15. Oh my…!!!

  16. I do love your naughty posts, Deb. “Feet” next, eh? 😉

    • I thought it made a nice change from faces.

  17. Bottoms and breasts are much more interesting than feet ,surely. Love that post, makes one not want to look in the mirror at ones own bottom. looking forward to that coffee catch- up with up next week

    • There are some beautiful feet about as well. Why should they be left out?

  18. Oh my. I LOVED that.

    • I had fun collecting the photos.

  19. Well, it goes to show you that you have a rather sophisticated readership, I really expected more..ha..bun puns.

    • All of my readers are lovely people.

  20. Did you notice the Reubenesque features? No… skinny bottoms here. Love it!

    • I don’t think I have spotted any skinny bottoms.

  21. LOL I love it! And if they weren’t statues you might need to put up a NSFW warning 😛

  22. A rather fine collection of well rounded bottoms there Debra.

  23. Nice curves!!!!!! All begging for a little touch up – oohhh

  24. Italian art and sculture amazing, how beautiful to give a life to the stone… They all seem as a real… Especially in number 5, the skin with fingers! Have a nice and enjoyable time, dear Debra, Thank you, with my love, nia

  25. Hilarious and how perfectly beautiful … feeling rather self conscious about my own not-so-perfect bottom now

    • I woudn’t be putting my bottom out on display.

  26. Great idea for a blog post. Who doesn’t like looking at bottoms?

    • Especially lovely bottoms like these.

  27. Love it! I can safely say this is a view of Italy I had never contemplated before!

    • It’s not a bad view.

  28. Love the bottoms post! I especially adore the first one of David! If my son was looking at this post he would giggle. I accompanied his first grade class to the Art Museum and they all burst out in uncontrollable laughter when they say a naked bottom! It was great!

    • My son would have done the same when he was little. Little kids can be so much fun.

  29. What a wonderful collection. Love how you’ve put this post together!

  30. Deb, love how this turned out …. Brilliant!

  31. Very Cheeky! Cheers…or should I say Bottoms up!?!

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