Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 17, 2011

The first sign of winter

We thought it was a bit cool this morning when we went to the car so we were not surprised when we saw this.



The car was covered in frost and it took quite a while before the windscreen defrosted. The temperature was 0. Winter is just around the corner.


Click  here to see what Brisbane is like in winter.


  1. It was cold and it took a while to warm up but another gorgeous day in paradise

    • Well in this paradise it’s hot and humid!!!

      • I dread the thought of going home to that!

  2. Even though this morning was the third in a row that I’ve had to scrape the ice off the windscreen to take the boys to school I’ve been trying to deny the evidence of ‘winter’ – but now you’ve gone and made it official! As it’s so sunny and warm in the middle of the day and I still have to take my jacket off or roast I may just continue ‘ in denial’ for a little longer!

    • The days are still lovely. I think we can put winter off for a little while. Perhaps we should just get up a bit later when the sun has melted the frost.

  3. We are still enjoying warm weather in the North of Spain, which is unusual. A bit cold in the morning but then, by lunchtime the temperatures go up to some 19-20º, which is unusual for this area of Spain that has a climate similar to Northern Tuscany. This afternoon, Rafael went sailing. It is not going to last very long, so he may as well enjoy the bay as much as possible. The water is cold, though. I guess that the Torrente Lima must be pretty cold as well…..

    • The days are still quite warm once the sun hits the village, but it is much cooler than it was a few weeks ago. It is to be expected in November.

  4. Your photos are beautiful!!! I never cease to find close-up observations of almost everyday things fascinating. Curious: is that heavy frost or snow? You can feel the chill…

    • The car was covered with frost. There has been no snow yet even in the mountains above us.

  5. yikes – lets speed up the wood chopping I say!! over here in UK it is still mild but I know where I would rather be, frost or no frost!!!

    • If you look at the previous post you can see how beautiful the days are here. We have had frost for a few days now, but we have blue skies and gorgeous days.

  6. Love the extreme contrast of the seasons like you are experiencing now in the village – so so different to our mild and colourful winters here in Brisbane, as you show in that very different blog on winter in Brisbane.

    • I love these cold mornings. We are so lucky to be having these cool clear days. We went into Lucca today and it was lovely. Most of the trees on the wall have lost their leaves, but some are golden leaves are still clinging to the branches.

  7. You have definitely captured the moment with these. And that’s what some of the best photography is all about. Very well done!

    • Thank you for your very kind comments. I love these fallen leaves.

  8. Ooooh, here it comes…hunker down, Deb! 🙂

    • I love it, and I have to make the most of it because soon I will be back in Brisbane suffering in the heat.

  9. Mmmm, well Brisbane is very warm at the moment. I am sitting here at 7am in shorts and a singlet with the windows open. Frosty cars seems a world away.

    • Give me a frosty car any day.

  10. Brrrrrrrr——–it’s beginning to get cold here, as well. But I don’t mind the cold. Actually, I prefer it to heat. Stay warm.

    • I prefer the cold, which is why I spend as much Brisbane summer as I can in Bagni di Lucca winter.

  11. Looks lovely in its own little way :). Snow on the ground here this morning in northwestern ontario, canada. Roads were a little slick on the drive to work. Will you get any/much snow there throughout the winter?

    • There is snow on the mountains around us in winter, but it rarely snows in the village. It has snowed about 3 times in the 8 winters I have had here.

  12. I’m sweltering in 34 degrees celsius temperature in Adelaide, so, seeing the stiff leaf and the ice shield on the windscreen seems unreal! We could do with a blast of cool air at the moment. You’ve surely captured the essence of early winter!

    • 34 degrees sounds horrid. Give me cold days!

  13. Wow – quite a serious frost. We don’t get frost here at all, that coolness looks so inviting – we are cooking.

    • I will be cooking back in Brisbane soon. I hate the heat. To me this is heaven.

  14. Lovely, i love winter, cold, wind, snow, rain….

    • I don’t mind the rain as long as it doesn’t go on for weeks on end.

  15. Oh yes Winter is definitely coming in those pics!

  16. Beautiful photos. I miss (sometimes) the snow back in Canada, the frost, and ice and all the slush … slush … Ok I don’t miss that. It is beautiful to see it falling on the green grass of Christmas mornings. But Ill take the Med any day! 🙂

    • I love it when we get a bit of snow here, but I sure my delight would disappear if it all turned to ugly slush.

  17. Beautiful photos. I’ve never really experienced frost that heavy, or snow for that matter!

    • I grew up beside the beach at the Gold Coast. We could swim all year round.

  18. Beautiful. My favourite time of year in Italy. The crunch of a little frost under foot while you head to the bar for your coffee and sfoglia… perfect.

    • I love these lovely cold mornings and I only have 2 more weeks to enjoy them.

  19. The photos are just beautiful, we can’t wait to return to Ponte on 30 December, espresso’s in the morning in bar Il Monaco, Limoncello’s in the evening in Bar Italia – purely to keep us warm from the inside of course!

    • Why else would you drink it if not to keep warm?

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