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Winter at Sunrise Beach

Those of you who experience freezing winters in Europe cannot possibly imagine the beach in winter.

Sunset at Sunrise Beach

We in sub tropical Queensland are  lucky to have mild temperatures ( well most of the time) and beautiful sunny skies in winter.

So, I was most fortunate to have been invited to spend a few days at a gorgeous beach house on Sunrise Beach.

The Beautiful Beach House

Sunrise Beach is situated just south of Sunshine Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. A close parallel in landscape and views to Sunshine Beach, Sunrise Beach is set on a pair of ridgelines that look out over the Pacific Ocean. One of few regions offering an absolute beachfront location. Sunrise Beach offers fantastic views out towards Moolooba and Sunshine Beach. The region is a little quieter than central Noosa making it a popular place to stay when visiting the Sunshine Coast.

The Surf - so Australian

With the National Park to the west, Sunrise Beach is a leafy suburb surrounded by lush native bushland. The ambience is carried over into the houses, ensuring many properties have retained native bush on their land to minimise environmental impact and harmonise with the surrounding natural environment.

Beautiful Bougainvillia

There is a small strip of cafes and shops along the beachfront and a small shopping area. Its also just a few minutes to the vibrant boutique shopping and dining precinct of Hastings Street in central Noosa.

Bignonia Venusta flowering all over the place - quite beautiful

White Moss


Prehistoric cycad

School holidays - very Australian

The Thong Tree



It's a Dog's Life


  1. Hi there
    Your photos are exquisite, and I enjoyed seeing Sunrise Beach – especially after living there for a year before heading off on our travels 15 months ago.
    Your blog theme is very similiar to mine
    and has inspired me to start writing again.
    We also spend quite a bit of time in Italy (lago maggiore) and loved our time there.
    Can back in Brisbane and have itchy feet….
    Well done on a great blog.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. I will have a look at your blog – if you are an italophile, why dont you subscribe to our blog? We have lots of posts on Italy

  2. Hahaha… I adore the thong tree. Only in Australia. Great pictures. I’m jealous, this weather is killing me slowly. Sigh. Have a fabulous weekend. X

    • Glad you liked the post – the thong tree made me smile too

  3. Great photos Liz

    • Thanks Alison

  4. the girl ad the shadows are my favs this time.

    • Glad you liked the shadows !!!

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  5. It looks so warm up there! *is jealous*

    • Actually it was not all that warm – 5 degrees in the morning – but it was lovely sitting in the sun later in the day.

  6. Oh I loved the thong tree!! And echo Anna – so Australian! Your photos are as wondferful as ever, Liz!! lovely!!

  7. Great pics, Liz! Remember that old tv commercial? Queensland…beautiful one day, perfect the next.. 🙂

  8. I’m missing the beach after admiring your pics. I love ‘Reflections’. I grew up on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and spent many sunny weekends up Noosa way. Feeling all nostalgic now…

    • It was quite lovely – I too used to spend school holidays at Noosa when my son was a schoolboy so great to go back & revisit. Glad you liked reflections.

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  9. such a beautiful area of the world. you are so blessed to be living in such beautiful areas of the world. george

    • Yes we are

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  10. Looks beautiful! I especially like the “thong tree!”

    • Yes it was a bit of fun wasn’t it? Unfortunately I didn’t have one to add !!

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  11. What a beautiful beach… and of course your photographs too! I imagined to be there, Thank you Debra&Liz, Have a nice day, with my love, nia

    • Yes it was truly beautiful …. Our beaches are second to none (in our opinion) glad you liked the post

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  12. Beautiful photos! We went through a couple of sunny, mild weeks here (South Africa) early this month, now were back to proper winter again – cold, wet and snowing on the higher ground.

    • We generally have mild winters – quite sunny & dry with the occasional cold week – like when we were at the beach – 5 degrees in the mornings !!! But lots of sunshine – glad you liked the photos

      Sent from my iPhone

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  14. Beautiful location! Love the “thong tree”!

    • How very Australian – the thong tree.

  15. It was a gorgeous week and the thong tree was hilarious – glad you liked it

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