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The flower expo in Genova

Every 5 years there is an international flower show in Genova (Genoa) . Euroflora 2011 was the 10th event to be staged. It just happened to be on when we were in Italy this year, so we thought we should take a look. It is held beside the sea at the Fiera di Genova. It was very well attended. There have been over 4.5 million visitors to the previous 9 shows – more than 500,000 at the 2006 event.

inside the festival centre

lots of plants and people under one roof

We arrived early, something I recommend, as it became very crowded later on.

The space was divided into different types of growing zones.

cactus in the arid zone

there were lots of cactus plants

The island of Sardinia, or Sardegna as Italians call it, was well represented with the terrain of the island recreated.

the rocky landscape of Sardinia

There was a large, and very popular owl.

a green owl

 Italy is famous for its olives.

an ancient olive tree

There was an interesting staircase to the upper floor.

pretty stairs


a nautical display

 And there were lots and lots of flowers.

sunflowers are so cheerful


jaunty gerberas

I love the orange

beautiful bonsai

There was a large area devoted to orchids. I think these are the most amazing flowers. Just take a look at this little beauty. 

exotic orchid

Australian grevillia a long way from home

venus fly trap

there must be roses

gazanias waiting for the sun

still waiting

it has arrived

If you go in 2016 make sure you get there early.

the steps from above

Or you won’t make it up the stairs.

from the upper level

a very Italian display

You only have to wait 4 years and 9 months until the next Euroflora.


  1. I’m not that into gardening, but this looks like a photographer’s paradise as well!

    • I’m not all that interested in gardening either, except for my small balcony stuff, but it was fun.

  2. Great photos and a most ineresting exhibition. I will make a note to visit it in 2016… Have you visited the Iris Garden in Florence? They have their yearly exhibition between the end of April and the end of May. Well worth a visit as it is the best collection of irises in the world. Here you have a small sample:

    • I haven’t visited the iris garden, but I will. How do you know so much Maria? I’ll definitely be ther next year.

      • I read a lot, all the time and this is how I find lots of interesting information. Then, I go and see for myself. You will love the iris garden, some of the varieties only grow there. It is a point of reference for iris lovers around the world. As you know, the iris (in heraldry fleur-de-lys) is the emblem of Florence and it used to grow wild everywhere in the area.

      • There are still irises growing wild along the roads around Bagni di Lucca. I love them. I will definitely go to the iris garden in Florence.

  3. Love your close ups

    • The orchid came up well I think.

  4. Love the pictures of the wise owl, the old olive tree and the nautical theme. Your close-up photo of the exotic orchid is amazing! On the whole a wonderful array of flowers captured by your lens. Lovely to find an Australian grevillea on display in Italy. Always a pleasure to see the photos, thanks, Deb!

    • It was a fun day. By the time we left you could barely move in the auditorium. We were lucky we went on a weekday and early.

    • I am always excited to see Australian plants when I am away from home.

  5. Beautiful pictures. I wonder how old that olive tree is…. they amaze me for how long they can last for.

    • I think olive trees can live to be very old. This one is both old and portable.

  6. Great photos and a most interesting exhibition. I will make a note to visit it in 2016

    • It is certainly worth a visit. Genova is interesting too. There will be a post on Genova soon.

  7. That owl is something else, as is the bonsai. I’m always fascinated by bonsai – wish I could grow them..

    • I don’t think I would have the patience for bonsai, but I do appreciate the art.

  8. That owl is just amazing! I’ve never seen topiary like that before!

    • It was very big – most impressive.

  9. The ancient olive tree is impressive … I’m imagining how much it’s seen and heard through its lifetime!

    • I would love to know how old it was.

  10. I love the orange too. I will have it as my screensaver soon. 🙂

    • The detail in these flowers is incredible.

  11. Extraordinary exhibits, love the colours, so luminous and joyfilled…

    • It was certainly very colourful.

  12. Yay, thanks for taking me to the show, looked amazing. 🙂 How cool is that owl?!

    • It was very colourful and interesting. Genova is great too. There will be more on the city soon.

  13. The ex position certainly was extraordinary: if I’m still around I’ll organise the 2016 event. I hope you enjoyed the lunch and the trip

    • Hi Tina, We had a great day at the flower show and in Genova as well. There will be another post soon about the rest of Genova. Hopefully we will all be back in 2016.

  14. Now I’ll have to add this to the bucket list too. Even though we were in Camogli for a month, I never made it into Genoa. I’ll just have to make sure when I go it’s in 2016 during the next flower festival.

    • There will be a post on Genova soon. We have driven through lots of times and finally we spent some time there. There are just too many interesting places to go in Italy. I won’t see everything I want to in my lifetime.

  15. Fascinating… I loved your photographs but gazanias that waiting for the sun, my best. Thank you Deb&Liz, with my love, nia

  16. Beautiful! Strange seeing the cacti in Europe.

    • Cactus plants are quite popular in Italy. I guess they are exotic.

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