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Artists’ day at Ponte a Serraglio

Every year the local artists’ group holds a painting competition at Ponte a Serraglio called Colori e Sapori – colours and tastes. The grounds of Villa Fiori are set up with easels and tables and artists are invited to paint a view of the village. The artists line the river and some even set up on the river bed. Rosi braved the 40 degree heat to take some photos for me.

a shady spot

children took part as well

on the river bed

Rapunzel's tower features again

my apartment will be in on someone's wall

 It wouldn’t be Italy if food was not involved. The hard working team of cooks and servers were there to make sure everyone was well fed.

the sapori part of the day

the workers

 Thanks Rosi for keeping me up to date with the happenings in Ponte a Serraglio.

The lovely lady from Villa Rosalena, a great B & B beside the river also wrote about Colori and Sapori on her blog. Take a look for lots more photos. She will show you the winners.

Also take a look at Richard Tulloch’s life on the road  Richard is staying at Ponte a Serraglio and he is writing about the area. There are some great photos on his current post.


  1. No wonder you miss it. What a wonderful day in the life ot this beautiful village.

    • Sometimes I wish I was there in summer for some of the fun stuff that happens.

  2. So much going on in Bagni di Lucca! It looks like so much fun.

    • These events don’t happen all that often, but they are fun when they do.

  3. OMG! Amazing, I have this reoccurring dream, I am sitting in a beautiful place painting, I am looking at ancient buildings, the sun soaking into my skin, it truly is heavenly. This might be the place. Gorgeous!

    • It could be just the place for you.

  4. All part of La Dolce Vita! Nice to see that your apartment is featured in one of the paintings even if it’s in bold colours.

    • Rosi said our place was actually in a lot of the paintings. We are beside the bridge so I guess it would be a popular subject.

  5. This looks great, Debra, and I approve of the bright ‘fauve style’ colours for the apartment and surroundings. Perhaps you could suggest to the commmune di Bagni tht they should paint the bridge purple to match…and then…

    Sorry we missed the event, and yes, the chemist’s clock showed 42 deg yesterday, but we still coped. Loving it here!

    • I think the bridge would look excellent in purple. I have not been there for this event – one day.

  6. Goodness me, is this place enchanted or what? 😀

  7. Good art, good food… it is a winner combination. And in response to Lorraine’s comment…yes, definitely, Bagni di Lucca is magic, it casts a spell on you and you have to keep coming back.

    • We have had lots of friends stay at our place in Bagni di Lucca and they all seem to love it. Some have been back 3 and 4 times.

  8. What a lovely event each year. That would be wonderful being part of that.

    • These events are conducted with a wonderful spirit. You can’t help but be caught up in the fun.

  9. That looks like heaps of fun and makes me wish I could paint.

  10. Like it! That details make life better… actually, make life.

    • It certainly helps to make life more interesting.

  11. I would love to take my artistic daughter (8) there one year. She might be too self-conscious, but what a terrific experience!

    • Lots of kids take part, she would be fine.

  12. What a fantastic celebration of art, there should be more events like this everywhere!

    • It’s a lot of fun. Last year our friend Tina bought us a painting of our apartment that someone had done on the day.

  13. Looks lovely. I think I would like it very much there.

    • It is a lovely little village.

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