Posted by: debrakolkka | July 7, 2011

The Vergemoli roof is nearly finished

Rosi has sent me the latest photos from the house. Once again the progress has been amazing.

coming up the drive

the house takes shape

the scaffolding comes off

waterproofing the roof

the eaves


a traditional ceiling

Thanks once again to everyone involved. I love the house.

The next photos will be of the roof wetting ceremony. I hope Rosi is very busy with the camera.


  1. I’m amazed by this. It’s so beautiful, and traditional looking. I’m curious…do you not have to put any insulation under the eaves? Is it warm enough in the winter to leave it like that? I’m happy for you…such a cozy place…almost too bad you have to rent it out, no?

    • There is insulation between the tiles underneath and on top of the roof. The walls have a layer of bricks, insulation and then the stone layer. The windows will be triple glazed – it gets cold up there. I’m sure it is going to be difficult to part with the house.

  2. I love the eaves and the old beams holding up the ceiling inside the house. Can see the obvious pride in the workmanship. I wonder what is involved in the roof wetting ceremony? I would imagine lots of water but will there be food and dancing as well?

    • In Australia a roof wetting involves the drinking of beer by the builders. I’m not sure what happens in Italy, but we will know soon enough. I don’t think water comes into it.

  3. All I can say is-WOW!

    • I think it is looking amazing, but I’m biased.


  5. It is looking great and as if it had been standing there for ages… but with all the modern conveniences.

    • It has been built with the same stone and in the same dimensions as the original house. It will have under floor heating. I don’t suppose the 3 brothers who lived in the old house had too many comforts.

  6. Making the photos is such a pleasure, I feel already I’m in a kind of mountain holiday resort. The smell of the pines, the birds singing, so lovely to be up there.

    • It is a magnificent site. We will have to spend some time up there before it goes. Thanks for taking the photos – I can’t wait to see the rest.

  7. What a great looking building, it looks almost exactly like my family’s ancestral home in Piemonte that was built in the late 1600s!!! The only difference is that with the our ancient house is that the stones were stuck together with mud and pebbles!!

    • It was amazing to see the house built with stones taken from the site. Some of the stones from the original house were used and the rest were taken from the side of the hill. Lucky you to have a home in Piemonte, it is a beautiful area. I have been there several times.

  8. It is just beautiful , in a magical setting. I should know because I have been lucky enough to see it twice!

    Good Luck with it all.

    • Thanks, by the time you see it again it will be all finished. Perhaps we can all stay there next year.

  9. Oh Deb, its gorgeous, such a beautiful little home you’re building. I adore it.

    • We love it and we hope somebody wants to buy it when it is finished.

  10. It’s coming along so quickly (and beautifully). I wouldn’t be able to tear myself away from this house!

    • We are delighted with the progress. The roof wetting celebrations have happened – look for the photos soon – and go back for a look at the gorgeous builders. I will be back in Italy in October to work on the inside.

  11. It’s astounding really! It will be finished before you know it! 😮

    • Most builders go on holidays for all of August, which could hold it up a bit.

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