Posted by: debrakolkka | July 6, 2011

Bagni di Lucca lizards love the sun

As soon as the sun hits the stone walls on the way to La Villa from Ponte a Serraglio, the cute little green lizards appear and scurry about looking for food.

waiting for the sun

catching some rays

they are such pretty little lizards

There are lots of lizards darting about or just lazing in the sun. Is it any wonder? Look at one of the walls they live on, it looks like lizard heaven. 

 Capers grow wild on the walls. I love to watch them spring to life when the weather warms up. I don’t suppose the lizards eat capers, but I’m sure there is good lizard food on offer and lots of places to hide from marauding birds.

wild capers and roses

 Click here to see more on the wild capers.

On a completely different note, have you been following Dakota’s blog? This boy is talented. He has just been Freshly Pressed again for a recent post on Bologna. Take a look now and you will be able to say you knew him before he was famous. I’m predicting big things. He takes the most amazing photos, I am pea green with envy. There is a permanent link on the right or click on


  1. How cute are those lizards! And yes, thanks to you I’ve recently found Dakota’s blog – can’t believe the quality of his photos! The man is a genius!

    • He is very clever, I would love to be able to take photos like he does.

  2. A few weeks ago, I saw a lizard with two tails on one of the walls of the mill. I thought I was wrong… but, no, there they were. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera with me at the time. I can only hope he will still be around when we return to Bagni.
    You are right, Debra, Dakota’s blog is superb.

    • I hope you catch him on film next time.

  3. Looking forward to sharing the sun with them, from tomorrow! And I’ll take my good camera and try to rival Dakota’s work.

    • I look forward to seeing your photos of Bagni di Lucca.

  4. These lizards have a really unusual pattern on their skin. Almost polka dot on the legs and some other areas.

    Dakota’s photos are amazing! There is a very unique quality to his work. See he was also captivated by the beautiful arrangements of food and flowers in Italy.

    • They are very cute little lizards. I love to see them darting about.

  5. Those don’t look very little to me! Although, we don’t have lizards at all in Chicago, so I guess anything bigger than a grasshopper looks huge to me! Thanks for posting about Dakota. I’ll be following him now!

    • They are only a few inches long and no thicker than your little finger. They are very shy, and take off if you get close.

  6. It really is a different world over there isn’t it!

    • Completely different and excellent.

  7. Dakota ROCKS! Such a fan, just started following him and feel absolutely captured by his photography. Im with you, he will be a super star for sure. 😉
    Arhhhh, to be a lizard sometimes huh? Laying in the sunshine all day, munching on caper berries. Bliss! 🙂

    • Dakota is amazing, and he seems quite charming as well. I’m predicting big things. I can see some real benefits to being a lizard.

  8. My kids have been enjoying “hunting” for lizards here in the Riviera too. It’s even enabled me to get them on a hike or two!

    • Those lovely little green lizards everywhere. I love them.

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