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Spanish children are beautiful

pretty little Spanish girl

Spain produces some of the most beautiful children I have seen anywhere – and there are lots of them. We have seen families everywhere with several children in tow, 3, 4 even 6 young children to a family. There must be something in the water.

Part of the reason these children look so good is the way they are turned out. Their hair is beautifully done, little boys have smart haircuts and little girls have ribbons in their brushed shiny hair.

They are dressed in a way that would be considered old fashioned in Australia. They actually look like little children instead of mini adults. The girls wear pretty dresses with matching shoes and socks. The boys wear trousers with a smart shirt, or shorts with long socks and a shirt with a cardigan buttoned over it. Far from looking old fashioned they look remarkably on trend. They even make matching and colour coordinated outfits on siblings look cool.

We have seen children in school uniforms in various towns and apart from colour differences, the styles are similar. The girls wear a pleated skirt in either a plain or checked wool with a white shirt and a buttoned up cardigan, long socks and leather shoes. The boys wear fine wool pants, long or shorts with long socks, white shirt and cardigan. They look great.

I don’t know how their parents get the kids to look so good. At 4/5 my son refused to wear a gorgeous pair of shoes, because a kid (I could have strangled it) laughed at them and the minute he was out of my sight, or so he thought, he would scruff up his hair and pull his shirt out. I suppose they all have a similar look and that’s what kids like. We have seen almost no sloppy T shirts, baggy cargo pants to the ankle (yuk) and the kids seem happy – amazing!

The little girl in pink (ab0ve) made a dash and got away from her parents. She scooted off around the corner and was busy picking some cobwebs off a grill. We stood watch until her parents caught up with her and she was swung up onto her father’s shoulders and safety.

she's off and running

cleaning off the cobwebs

the solo adventure cut short


  1. Adventurous little one. Looks sweet, but I wonder if she will be a handful when she is 17?

    • She had a big brother who was giving her a hard time and she was giving it back, so I think she will be OK, and yes, probably a handful.

  2. Too cute!

    • She was very cute. I loved the pink pom pom socks.

  3. adorable rosy cheeks!

  4. It is good to see loved, well behaved young children. The Italian youngsters were the same and impressed me so much. One memory stands out, a mother pushing a very young baby in a stroller with a three year old walking along side the pram holding the younger child’s hand. Maybe it is the water!

  5. How cute is she… Totally digging her dress and matching shoes too. Wonder if they have in my size? LOL

    • I loved her little outfit too.

  6. I love the look on her face in the last photo-she’s just adorable!

  7. very cute. my mom aid the Spanish people were very beautiful. she said the women dressed up and wore alot of makeup and lipstick.
    i agree. it is nice to see class.

  8. Che Bella!

  9. What a beautiful dress and child. I love the expression you’ve caught in the last photo – very Roald Dahl ….”next time, said Miss Muffett, I’ll whack it with the tuffett”.

  10. Yes, what a beautiful doll-like child in her pretty pink frock! She reminds me of an Enid Blyton character in “The Naughty Girl”. Love her expression in the last photo, Debra. You’ve captured her curious nature well.

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