Posted by: Debra Kolkka | September 30, 2011

A Finnish barbecue

Australian barbecues can be a simple as a wire rack suspended between 2 rocks, or it can be a sophisticated arrangement involving large stainless steel contraptions that sit on balconies and are seldom used. When they are used they require hours of cleaning, which is why they sit idle quite a lot.
A Finnish barbecue puts any Australian barbecue to shame. Just take a look at the purpose built barbecue hut in my cousin’s back yard. Her very clever husband Mikko built it for the family. It is by no means one of a kind. I saw several of these in backyards in Kouvola.


Summers are short in Finland, so an indoor barbecue makes sense. I can report that it is very cosy sitting around the central fire watching your food cooking.




We visited Heli’s sister and her clever husband had just smoked a side of salmon in their barbecue hut. It was the best smoked salmon I have ever tasted. I wonder if I could get Jim to build one in our courtyard in Brisbane.


  1. That looks nice… and regarding their weather… pretty clever, as you said.

    • I think it is a great idea. They are clever people, the Finns. My grandfather was always telling me that.

  2. Wonderful! What an amazing idea. Thank you, Have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

  3. I love your posts from Finland! What a beautiful barbecu place!

  4. Lucky you! I would have loved to be there and try some of that salmon. Enjoy and lovely to read your posts!

    • The salmon was excellent. Perhaps Bernhardt could build a barbecue in your back yard.

  5. We are having a bbq today and it is an effort to get John to clean it, that is our deal, I cook he cleans. Of course a cosy cabana would be fun but we would all come out smelling smoked. Nevertheless I wish I was there with you for that experience.

    • We didn’t come out smoked, the chimney works very well. You could have one in Tasmania.

  6. What a fun way to barbecue! It looks so cosy!

    • It is a fun way to barbecue. I want one.

  7. It is an excellent idea and they look very pretty and inviting. In the Basque Country there are also indoor barbecues as it rains a lot.

  8. A barbecue HUT? Extraordinary. It looks utterly cosy in there, perfect for year-round barbecues.

    We usually place a metal grid directly over the fire / hot coals, by balancing the grid on some stones or bricks. I LOVE braais (which is what we call barbecues in South Africa). You can even put veggies on them – it doesn’t have to be meat, and the fire and the smoke gives the veggies a delicious flavour (depending on the type of wood you use).

  9. Ah HAH! Maybe we can get one set up in Edinburgh… Although, we do live in a flat in old Victorian aged tenements… we’d probably have to consult the neighbours… 😉
    Finns are very smart… who else would have perfected the Sauna ??

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