Posted by: debrakolkka | March 5, 2011

What I bought today

fresh vegetables


I walked up to La Villa this morning to the market that happens every Wednesday and Saturday morning. There are a couple of fresh food stands, a place to buy household items, another for clothes and in spring and summer people sell plants and flowers.

This little collection of vegetables cost the princely sum of 7euro 20 centesemi – about $10 (Australian)


  1. They look like something out of a magazine. So fresh and so cheap. Lucky you.

    • I think they were very inexpensive, and very good.

  2. Our Swiss friends commented on the high cost of food in Australia compared to their country when they were out here in November. Just did a big shop here to restock and cost $250.00, not even many fruit and veges, we top those up as we go.

    • I think Australia has become very expensive for food in the last few years. It is much cheaper to live here than at home.

  3. Deb, that’s so beautiful, it looks like a still life! Especially the cabbage!

    • I love those cabbages. I used one last week to make cabbage rolls – delicious.

  4. Must be the Finnish part in you to like cabbage rolls, I love them too. Infact anything with cabbage.

    • Perhaps it s my Finnish bit. They are popular in Italy as well, a slightly different version.

  5. That green vegetable is called wirsing in Germany. Lovely ccoked with a bit of bacon, nutmeg salt ,pepper and goes nice with a winter roast. Very healthy too!

    • Here is is called verza – a bit similar really.

  6. Soup?

    • Good idea.

  7. Wow! I really don’t believe all that was so cheap! Veggies are getting expensive in New Zealand..

    • I was amazed, that’s why I had to record it.

  8. Also a cost of about $10 US. And I bet those oranges were blood oranges? On a recent trip to the US I saw blood oranges for $1 each.

    • Yes, they are blood oranges and they are very good.

  9. don’t you LOVE that about Italy! those tomatoes are beautiful…it all is…what will you do with the verza I wonder??

    • I found a new recipe for stuffed cabbage just the other day, so I will try that.

  10. How gorgeous. What a beautiful piccy. What a bargain! Hope you had a wonderful weekend lovely. 🙂

    • I think they were amazingly cheap. I went to the Carnevale at Viareggio to day – wait until you see the pictures.

  11. What a haul! And what a price!

    • I know, it is amazing. I think I would pay that for the tomatoes alone at home.

  12. I’ve never eat the green one… what’s the name?

    • That is a cabbage. Here it is called cavola verza and it is very good.

  13. If you haven’t tried the polenta fries from the meat truck at the back of the market, you’re in for a treat. Also, when buying vegetables the vendors are always happy to throw in a batch of parsley, greens, whatever they have, for soup making.
    Can’t wait to get back there!

    • I will look out for the polenta fries. They always give you something extra when you buy.

  14. So cheap, gosh, wish it was so here….
    The first time I cut into a blood orange I tossed it away, obviously it had gone bad in a very odd way. Funny now, as I adore them.

    • The first time I saw blood orange juice I thought I had been given the wrong thing. I too, love them now.

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