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Frittelle – a special treat for Carnevale

I love the way special goodies are made for events in Italy. Frittelle are made to celebrate Carnevale and I can report that they are very delicious.  Annalisa has been making them for a few days at Il Monaco and in the name of research I have been eating them.   What a pity Carnevale only comes around once a year.


They are a bit like donuts, only better. Annalisa made 3 types – plain, crema and chocolate filled. I like the plain ones the best. I have no idea how they are made, but I have a few food blogging friends who may know. Please feel free to put any findings in the comment section.

a plain frittella and a chocolate filled one


  1. I keep these things at an arm’s length because as the Italians say, “una tira l’altra.” they are TOO good. Do they have “chiacchiere” where you are?

    • I have heard of chiacchiere, but I don’t remember what they are. It means chatter doesn’t it?

  2. They look like profiteroles which are made out of choux pastry.
    Enjoy. Yum.

    • They are more donut than choux pastry.

  3. They are made with ‘hefe teig’ which is yeast based. The dough is made then has to prove. Then prepared in balls and fried. I know how to make them with a jam filling. I can pass on a recipe if you want.

    • I thought they had to be yeast based. I don’t want to make them, because I will eat them. At least if I have to go across the road to buy them, it keeps them away from me a bit.

  4. Oh santa maria what are you doing to me!? First tantilizing me with your Italian life and then… the sweeties. I’d quite happily help Annalisa make them for 3 days.
    6 alla crema please…no, make it 7.

    • I’m sure Annalisa would be happy to have you here to help. I will take some photos of the other delicious things she makes and if she agrees, some kitchen photos.

  5. Oooh..they look so yummy! Trust you to put those sweets on the website when I’m feeling hungry! My brother-in-law’s Dutch mother use to make them, too. I think they call them “Ollen Bollen”. I love them!

    • I wish I could send some to you right now.

  6. It’s too late for these today, but tomorrow is another story – they look utterly irresistable!

    • Unfortunately they are irrestistable.

  7. Ooh the chocolate filled one looks wickedly good! I think I’ll have half a dozen please! 😀

    • I would happily send them to you if I could.

  8. In Treviso we have them with saltana’s and zambaglione. Just divine aren’t they!

    • Yes, they are completely divine. It is good that they only turn up once a year.

  9. Droooool. I am salivating looking at your gorgeous pictures. These look marvellous. Yummy.

    • I can’t tell you how good they are.

  10. Hmmmm… look so yummy! I’ll tell my mom to fill chocolate when she makes donuts! Good idea!

    • I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  11. Oh, they look delicious!

    • They are very delicious.

  12. Yummyyyyyy they look perfect so delicious, would love to eat some when I’m in Italy. it’s a shame they’re only made once a year.

    • There will be lots of other delicious things for you to eat when you come.

  13. They look like Sicilian Sfinge. Wonderful!

    • I’m sure there are different versions all over Italy – all delicious.

  14. Ollen bollen are a dutch donut, yeast based filled with raisins and apples. We make them on New Years day and yes they are delicious. We also dust them in icing sugar while they are still warm….yum

    • I have eaten these in Germany and they are very delicious.

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