Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 2, 2023

A quiet spot in Paris

I came upon a quiet corner off a busy street on the left bank. It was the small garden outside the Saint-Severin church. The garden is around the corner from Rue Saint-Severin.

Saint-Severin church was constructed in 1230 and after a fire it was rebuilt in the 15th century and enlarged until the 17th century in flamboyant Gothic style. It was the parish church for the students at the University of Paris. It is one of the oldest churches remaining on the Left Bank.

We found the internal courtyard.

A side door was open so we went in. The interior is cool and silent, despite the crowds just outside.

Back on the Rue Saint-Severin we found the facade of the church. I am happy that I saw the garden first and was enticed inside.

The exterior of the church has lots of interesting features.


I particularly  like the gargoyles poking out of the walls.

On a second visit there was a celebration taking place in the courtyard.

There is a children’s playground in the garden.

It is pleasant to find quiet places in the busy streets of Paris.


  1. One who seeks will find .. fabulous find Debra

    • It is lovely to find these tucked away spots.

  2. That’s the most wonderful thing about Paris (or for that matter other places) you find fabulous areas etc for you to share with us.
    This has been such an unknown area for us.

    • It is right in the centre of a popular and busy area. There were a few people tucked in corners enjoying the stillness.

  3. Isn’t that fabulous – the paintings are so dramatic – there’s such wonderful stillness and quiet in those interiors. I always wonder about the life and times that have passed within those walls.

    • Yes, I like to wonder who visited these places hundreds of years ago and what they would think of what is happening around it today.

  4. I am finally sitting down and trying to play catch up on all your lovely Paris posts Debra. How long have you been there and how long total? you must be having such an incredible time! I look forward to being there in a few weeks myself. I will continue on down reading your posts to get me all excited about the upcoming trip to my favorite city of all! 🙂

    • We leave Paris today. We have been here 4 weeks. We have walked kilometres every day trying to see as much as possible. There will be more posts to come.

  5. There is a Severin Street in Cairns – I’ll have to research its origin

    • It would be interesting if there was a connection.

  6. Lovely to find a quiet spot in Paris!  I was there end of May and you couldn’t move for tourists.  Felt like the whole of Europe was there.  Spend a pleasant hour in the Place de Voges gardens then a cool drink under the arches close by.

    • Paris was still busy in September. Montemartre was impossible and a few places were seriously packed on weekends. We were happy on Ile Saint Louis. The weekdays were great and we didn’t mind the crowds on Sundays.

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