Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 3, 2013

Better than Bulgari

As we were leaving our lovely new house in Vergemoli the other day I spotted these spider webs. It had been raining most of the night, but there was some delightful morning sun. Take a look at these gorgeous webs sparkling in the sunlight…surely prettier than any jewel.











Back in Ponte a Serraglio there was another one waiting for me in our bathroom window.





I knew there was a good reason not to clean that window.


  1. Oh Debra they are Works of Art. I can imagine that extra dazzling one draped down ones back in a backless frock. But it wouldn’t feel too good I guess.

    • It could be a bit wet and cold…they are best left where they are.

  2. Natures jewels.

    • Aren’t they lovely?

  3. These are great shots… How beautiful like jewelery. Thanks and Love, nia

    • I thought the webs were stunning…I was so happy to have found them.

  4. Debra, these are gorgeous! Both the photos and the webs.The first photo blew me away! Congrats.

    • The bigger web looked for all the world like a priceless jewelled necklace. It was quivering in the light breeze, making it sparkle even more.

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  6. Your timing is impeccable Debra. Beautiful work.

    • I’m sure the riandrops would have dried up soon after I took the photos and the effect would have been lost…I was lucky!

  7. Wow, it took me a moment to realize that I wasn’t looking at human-made jewelery! Thank you Debra. Smilingly yours, Gian

    • It does look like shining jewels. The spider was nowhere to be seen.

  8. Stunning. Hugs. Paddy

    • I hope there will be more to be found on my morning walks at Vergemoli.

  9. Absolutely stunning ‘jewels’, Debra. Beautifully photographed too. 🙂

    • I took lots more photos. It was difficult to choose which ones to post. The webs were very photogenic.

  10. Absolutely stunning pictures!

    • Thank you and we should thank the spider and the rain.

  11. What a shame that the Artist is missing 🙂

    • The spiders were away from their webs, perhaps lookig for breakfast or maybe they don’t like wet feet.

  12. The webs are truly gorgeous.The rain and the web combination,did make the webs look like nature’s jewel.

    • I was lucky to come upon them at just the right time.

  13. nice shots. and its amazing how beautiful they are.

    • I thought they were absolutely stunning.

  14. Bulgari would be jealous Debra…they are so beautiful. I can just see one on a little black dress! Stunning photos

    • Things like this must surely be inspiration foe jewellers.

  15. Amazing photos Debra….. It’s still wet then?!!

    • Today is fine but we are expecting more rain tomorrow.

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  17. They look like expensive Austrian cyrstals. Beautiful …

    • The do look just like jewels sparkling in the sun.

  18. WOW! These are just exquisite Debra!

    • Aren’t they gorgeous?

  19. Absolutely stunning! These are works of art! Thank you for sharing them with us!

    • Very temporary works of art…and very beautiful.

  20. Gorgeous! Nature’s artwork. And your photos are stunning, Debra.

    • I couldn’t leave them unacknowledged.

  21. Impressive … the first one makes me wonder if watery webs actually inspired jewelry (way back when)!

    • I thought exactly the same thing when I saw them.

      • 🙂 … and we know what they say about great minds.

      • …and I agree with them.

  22. I’ll never be able to clean a web out of a corner again without thinking of these beautiful photos. Bulgari has nothing on these beauties.

    • I’m going to use it as an excuse to leave webs in place.

  23. Stunning!

    • Isn’t nature wonderful?

  24. Oh my, aren’t they exquisite!! You have captured something so very special. A gift YOU have and a gift you gave. I’ll bet if you showed these to the famous Bulgari; they just might set about creating ‘Debra’s jewels’; (although they really belong to ‘Charlotte’) Mother Nature’s work is simply perfection. Thank you for this beautiful ‘good morning’ jolt!

    • Charlotte seems to have done her work and moved on. I hope she is busy on some more.

  25. impossible beauty!

    • I think the webs are stunning…pity they don’t last.

      • thank you for pausing to take pics, then share. such joy–can never have too much!

      • It was a pleasure.

  26. AMAZING NIA… What a wonderful job you did of capturing these images. 🙂

    • The subject made it easy.

  27. Unbelievable pictures Debra. You are a wonderful photographer.

    • Thanks, I was lucky to be there at the right time.

  28. Great job with the pictures. Beautiful!

    • Thank you, once I got the camera to focus on the web and not the view behind it was easy.

  29. Brilliant, woman! And, brilliant woman! 🙂

    • Thank you, let’s not forget the clever spider.

  30. What a fantastic job you and your camera has done here … so difficult to get good photos of webs – those photos are so beautiful … and as you say they can’t measure with jewels. Amazing that it hold up with all that rain attached to it.

    • Spider webs are clearly very strong. I’ll check tomorrow if it is still there when we go back to the house.

      • I hope it’s still intact. Take such time for them .. to do one.
        Stunning photos.

  31. Definitely far better than Bulgari !! Nothing surpasses Nature’s jewels. I love the raindrops clinging on each strand, such graceful, sparkling curves glistening in the sun – I derive much pleasure through your clever camera eyes, Debra. Keep up the good work, girl!

    • It was a very beautiful moment, and I am glad I was there.

  32. How utterly lovely. There wasn’t, perchance, a tiny “thank you” tin underneath them!? When Sally was very little and we were living in England we used to go push chair strolling in some nearby woodland. I would find little hollows in the roots of trees which were strung with hungover cobwebs twinkling with cold dew and make up stories for her of fairy balls.

    • I’m sure a fairy would have been delighted to wear one of these to the ball.

  33. Lovely jewels. Wish they looked so glam on my rafters!

  34. They are absolutely stunning! :O They look just like a beautiful neckpiece!

    • Yes, a beautiful wet necklace.

  35. Dang it girl, day after day you continue to astonish me. When you posted the windows and doors collection, I knew we were kindred spirits. You take the pictures I want to see. I am completely enchanted with Tuscany, especially Lucca and it’s wonderful walls. Wondering how many wandering walks are contained in those walls? Since circumstances require my travel to be virtual, I couldn’t have found a more sensitive guide or more fascinating and achingly beautiful destination.
    I’m curious in what sense Bagni d’Lucca is a comune. I’m guessing it is too Italian to compare with Soviet or Hippy 1970’s. Are you allowed to vote on local issues, as a property owner? One last, nosy question: I have been your friend since early January and haven’t heard a peep from Liz. There must be a story there.
    I’m reading “The Italians” by Luigi Barzini. Excellent! Seems to me you recommended this book or one similar some months back. I can’t find it in your archives so maybe not. I highly recommend it if you haven’t already read it.
    I appreciate your efforts more than I can say!
    Fondly, Marsha

    • Thank you for your comments. Liz and I began the blog together, but she now works full time and doesn’t really have time to write posts. I really like to do it so I guess I have taken over.
      The Italians is a brilliant book about Italy. I did recommend it a while ago. I find it is a wonderful description of why Italians are the way they are…good and bad.
      Lucca is a great town to wander in. I was there this morning and I never tire of wandering the fascinating streets. It is possible to walk or cycle around the 4 kilometer wall that surrounds the historic centre.
      Commune di Bagni di Lucca is the area covered by the local government, like a local council in Australia. I do not have the right to work or vote here as an Australian.
      I hope this has answered some of your questions.

  36. Absolutely beautiful photos, Debra!

  37. Brilliant photos Debra – I also thought I was looking at jewelery!

    • The webs are amazing aren’t they?

  38. You are amazing, Debra. Thanks for another beautiful post. This tells me that we should be seeing our spider webs beginning to form here in San Diego, as well!

    • Spiders are amazing creatures. The webs have gone now, but I’m sure some more will appear.

  39. amazing pictures! you should enter them in some competition!

  40. So beautiful Debra

    • The spiders put in an amazing effort to create these webs and last for such a short while.

  41. nature beauty. wow,,i want to be a farmer in future.

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    nature beauty

  43. Just stunning, Debra, just stunning! Nature’s Jewels.

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