Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 10, 2020

A night in San Gimignano

On my recent visit to San Gimignano (before the latest restrictions) I stayed the night. I stayed at Albergo  L’Antico Pozzo in Via S. Matteo, one of the main streets. The position was excellent and the hotel was lovely. In a small room beside the reception area is the old well the hotel is named for.

My room was airy and comfortable and had a great view over the street below.

After dropping my backpack off I set off for a walk around the edge of the town.

Later as I walked back through the town I spotted a Slow Food restaurant, Ristorante Dorando, with an enticing menu. I immediately phoned and made a reservation for later on.

I went for another stroll as the light began to fade. It is a beautiful time of the day.

I was the first to arrive at the restaurant.

Here is the menu.

I ordered for first course quail with stuffed onions.

Second was stuffed guinea fowl.

I didn’t really need dessert, but I suspected the ginger and apple tart would be excellent…and it was.

This was probably the best meal I have had in a restaurant in Italy this year. I considered staying another night so I could return to the restaurant and order the same things again.

San Gimignano looks wonderful at night.

The next morning I walked around the edge of town again.

I lined up for what is supposed to be the best gelato in Italy, for research purposes of course. It lived up to expectations.

I had a last look at the towers.

There are some lovely shops and galleries in San Gimignano and I explored quite a few of them.

I have been to San Gimignano many times and I find something new to like on every visit. I know people complain the town can be full of tourists, which can make it crowded and difficult, but if you go in the off season and stay at least one night I’m sure you will find it charming and delightful. Most visitors are day trippers and leave by around 5.00pm so you can enjoy space to wander…there is much to admire, especially if you take the time to go slowly.

This year has been quite different because of Covid restrictions. I feel lucky to be here and enjoy being able to see these beautiful towns when we have been able to travel within Italy.

Albergo L’Antico Pozzo

Ristorante Dorando


  1. Golly Deb, looks a delight and the cool clear weather a lovely support act. Jealous.

    • It was a great visit to San Gimignano. I hope I can go again soon. It is only 2 hours from here.

  2. How wonderrful

    • It is a beautiful town, much to see and enjoy.

      • Indeed…I was a day tripper on a very wet day some years ago,, so didn’t really get to enjoy the place

  3. Great views of San Gimignano.

    • It is a beautiful place.

  4. Another wonderful Post to enjoy & feel jealous. We visited San Gimignano on rwo occasions – the last when it was bitterly cold & a warm restaurant was called for but cannot recall the name however Ristorante Dorando’s menu looks wonderful. Love all your night photos, the lights on the archways & doors just beautiful. The views in daylight make us say “want to go again”! Thanks Debra.

    • San Gimignano requires a few visits I think. There is a lot to see and many restaurants to try.

  5. San Gimignano , one of the most loveliest towns in Italy.

  6. A wonderful visit, specially because you were able to do it at a slower pace and with less people around. That restaurant sounds great!

    • The restaurant was excellent. When we can travel again I want to return.

  7. Brought back fond memories of our trip many years ago. The town has changed very little. We only could stay one night but as you say the best time to be there is after the day tourist leave.

    • The atmosphere changes once the day visitors go. It is understandable that people want to visit San Gimignano, but it does become very crowded.

  8. One of our fave towns. Stunning shops, architecture, produce.

    • It is one of my favourites too, but I have many.

  9. So many memories of this unique part of the world. You are right Debra. It is best to stay a day or more to experience the atmosphere and serenity of the place after the tourists have left at the end of their day visit.

    • Walking around the edge of the town offers spectacular views over the Tuscan hills…I love it.

  10. Lovely evening photos! Have bookmarked your recommendation of where to stay. Thank you!

    • You won’t be disappointed.

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