Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 13, 2023

Late winter in the garden at Casa Debbio

The winter landscape is still in place, but there are signs of spring appearing in our garden at Casa Debbio.

There is no greening of the trees just yet.

Last summer’s plants on top of our new stone walls need to be removed to make room for new plantings. I am planting seeds in pots right now and hopefully the seedlings will be big enough in a few weeks.


Spring is definitely starting to show its face. Yesterday was a glorious sunny day and quite warm. Daffodils are everywhere in the garden.


Helibores are thriving.

Peonies are showing up. The tree peonies are the first to show new growth.

Herbaceous peonies poke pink shoots up through the ground. This one was just tiny pink points a day ago and now this.

Others are more advanced and some are showing nothing. I have around 120 to look out for.



I thought we had lost this bulb last year. It looked a bit ordinary when we moved it, but it has returned happily.

Hydrangeas are growing new leaves.

There will be lilacs soon.

I have been digging up bits of vinca (periwinkles) growing wild under trees and planting them on bare areas in a bid to cover them. It is starting to work.

The weeping cherry will soon be covered with blossoms.

Some grey hair will need to be removed from this chap, but the green bits are growing.

The fig trees have buds.

Pear trees will soon have blossoms.

This fungus growing out of a stump looks interesting.

I lost my original Daphne after a tough winter last year. The new one is doing well.

I found this gorgeous camellia hiding under leaves, hoping to escape being eaten by wild goats or deer.

I love my garden! The best time to be at Casa Debbio is from now until June. I can’t wait to see how it develops.



  1. W💛W….. love the daffodils and periwinkle’s everywhere – sure saying Spring is coming to you there.

    • I have just had a few glorious days at the house. I love poking around to see things popping up all over the place. Rain tomorrow so I am going to Florence.

  2. What an interesting time for you now in the garden watching everything waking up for Spring. The daffodils are such a bright happy sign.

    • It is the best time to be here. I love the daffodils, but I am delighted with the camellia. The poor thing has been eaten so many times I thought it would give up.

  3. Love your daffodil photos. S you would be aware, we don’t see many growing on GC.

    • Not in Brisbane either!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the garden spring into life. Such a beautiful transformation is about to take place.

    • I love to go out each morning to see what has appeared.

  5. I love spring green and the sticky buds on trees – and all of it really

    • Soon the trees will begin to turn green. It is amazing!

  6. Enjoy your garden! It is looking great…

    • The few plants that are blooming add lots of colour.

  7. That camellia is gorgeous! As are all the other signs of spring. Heavenly!

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