Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 23, 2023

Snow in Helsinki

I love my stopovers in Helsinki! I had 2 and a half days there on my way to Italy. Snow fell the night before I arrived…lucky me.

I always stay at the GLO hotel, right in the centre of the city. I dropped off my bags, had a shower and put on my winter clothes and headed off to see the sights of snowy Helsinki.

Esplanadi park is near the hotel. It leads from the city centre down the the harbour.

I love this little summer coffee hut, closed now for the winter.


The statue in the centre of the park looks quite different in spring when it is surrounded by flowers.

All of the sculptures have a snowy covering.

No takers for the park benches.

Beautiful buildings line Esplanadi.

Havis Amanda near the harbour had her snow cover.

The new information centre looks great in the snow.

Suomenlinna is in the distance.

The Russian church is probably not the most popular place in Helsinki right now.

Boats in the icy harbour.

Walking back towards the city I passed Tuomiokirkko.

In the centre the naked blacksmiths are still at work.

Stockmann department store behind a gorgeous tree. They say if you can’t get it at Stockmann you don’t need it.

No takers for outside dining.

I went to the beautiful park which is home to the Old Church of Helsinki. It is the oldest church in the city. It was designed by Carl Ludwig Engel and completed in 1826. The park is sometimes called Plague Park as over a thousand victims of the 1710 plague are buried in the park. Around 40 gravestones and memorials remain of the cemetery.


I love the bare branches of the trees weighed down with snow.


I spotted a cheerful snowman.

I would love to have done this as a child. I had to make do with the beach.

The buildings around the park are stunning.

The statue in the little park opposite the church had another snowman.

The snow on the statue beside it turned one of the figures into a yeti.

My lovely Australian friends who live in Helsinki took me for a drive outside the city. The snowy forest lining the road looked amazing. The photos were taken from the car, so they are not the best.


We stopped at an excellent country shop where we ate a delicious laskiaispulla, a bun filled with cream and almond paste or jam or both. It the tradition bun for Shrove Tuesday.

When I go back to Heksinki in June it will look completely different. I love distinct seasons!

GLO hotel…


  1. Such a winter wonderland. Must be so fun to be there coming from summer in Australia!

    • It is so different from subtropical Brisbane. I love it!

  2. Love all the snow pics on the sculptures

    • Me too. I was very happy that it snowed just before I arrived.

  3. Saw snow like this in Norway – what struck me was the quietness and stillness

    • Yes, snow softens everything.

  4. I loved Heksinki too – have only been once, in the autumn. It looks so different in the snow but I recognise many of the buildings. Beautiful photos.

    • Helsinki is full of beautiful architecture. I love it in any season.

  5. I am wondering which airline you use from Australia that stops over in Helsinki. It seems very exotic and tempting to me. I’m currently trying to organise a trip from Sydney to Milan and Helsinki looks great. I always enjoy reading about your stays. Mat

    • I fly Finnair and have done for many years. This time I transited through Singapore. For my next visit later this year it will be through Tokyo.
      I used to always go via Hong Kong as it was much shorter. Obviously Finnair no longer flys over Russia, so the flights are longer.

  6. Beautiful photos Deb, the sculptural figures with half dusting of snow are charming…. even funny sometimes!

    • Snow transforms everything.

  7. Perfect timing Deb. Fairytale images are beautiful

    • Yes, I was lucky with the snow.

  8. Helsinki with snow looks gorgeous and the “laskiaispulla” must be very yummy

    • I love to see snow occasionally. I’m not sure I would like to live with it for too long.

  9. Wonderful photos Deb love them all. Snow on all the sratues & buildings makes it look like fairyland.

    • Snow is fun for a few days. I love the silence.

  10. Lovely scenes once again, Debra. I will hope to check it out some day. In addition to my Italian family I’m
    half Swedish. They do love their winters, as they should. Here in Michigan, not so much. Thanks!

    • Helsinki is a beautiful city, I hope you visit one day soon.

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