Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 9, 2022

Art in Lucca

It is wonderful to walk on the wall surrounding Lucca at any time. Now the leaves are beginning to change colour.

To add to the fun of wall walking there are now some art installations to view.

The artist is Bruno Catalano, a French artist famous for his sculptures of figures with pieces missing. The series is called The Voyagers or The Travellers. The artist has said that the sculptures are meant to represent emigrants

….Another reason to visit Lucca.


  1. These are amazing! Thanks for showing us Debra

  2. The wall is always lovely, no matter the season. Is the artwork there temporarily?

  3. Wonderful to see these sculptures, they are amazing. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful sculptures! Very original.

  5. I love the invisible men – they’re really quite fascinating and the Lucca scenery is beautiful

  6. What an interesting walk you have pictured. The walk along the wall always wonderful especially in Autumn but now really enjoyed the photos of the fun sculptures.

    • A walk on the Lucca wall is always wonderful.

  7. This is a wonderful and fascinating post….what talent!! Thank you for bringing such wonder to our attention; those that can not be there.

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