Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 4, 2022

An artist in Lucca

Tucked away in narrow Via di Poggi, between Chiesa San Michele and the Piazza Cittadella, where Puccini sits on a chair, is the shop of artist Viviana Natalini.

Viviana makes beautiful sculptures, mostly of heads and faces. I admire them each time ai walk past and have 2 at home.

She studied at Istituto d’Arte Lucca and Accademia Belle Arti Firenze. She worked for several years as an assistant stage designer at the Teatro del Carretto, an international theatre company in Lucca, creating clay masks and theatre props.

All creations are molded out of clay, fired, individually hand painted and wax polished.



Here is the creator.

Instagram: nataliniviviana_


Telephone: (39) 347 1976508


  1. These are fabulous! If given half a chance to own one; I wouldn’t know what to choose…..altho the swimmer, with hands on knees, is very charming; lucky you, to own two! Thanks for sharing this post – love it. There is something adrift here, in the reply box. The words are cut off on the bottom, is in BIG print; wonder if you’re aware.

    • I don’t understand the workings of WordPress! I love the sculptures and wish I could make things like this. I have a frog and a face, neither of which are included here.

  2. I love her creations. I have a bit of a thing for faces. I have terracotta faces all over my garden and in various forms in my house. We are all different.

  3. Very interesting sculptures. A workshop worth visiting

    • I think the artist is very talented. I love her work.

  4. I think one might be of Frida Kahlo, which I quite like. Not sure about the others. I see talent there, and they are fun. Quirky.
    I stayed in an apartment in the Puccini square a few years ago,
    on the fifth floor. Lovely apartment but a killer climb!

    • Yes, there is a Frida Kahlo. I think the sculptures are fun. The buildings are too old to support a lift in many cases. It can be a bit of a drag.

  5. What Fun! So tired of the ‘chain stores’ around me in Barcelona.

    • I think they are fun. It is good to see original work.

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