Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 20, 2022

Spring 2022 at Casa Debbio

Once again it has been a strange spring here in Tuscany. It has been cooler than usual and we have had almost no rain for months. That might be about to change in the next couple of days, with rain forecast. I hope it happens, our garden is desperately in need of rain and we need it to keep our spring flowing.

The first spring plants  to appear are always daffodils. They are almost finished now, but this year they put on a brilliant show.

Primulas appear all over our slopes. There seem to be more each year.

The helibores are loving their home under the chestnut and cherry trees.

My three new pots have green hair.

My peonies have all popped up. The tree peonies are the first to grow and some are already covered in blooms. The herbaceous peonies are all up, although some are still tiny pink spikes poking their way up through the soil.

Our gorgeous weeping cherry tree put on its pink display and now has leaves trailing towards the ground.

New plants have been added and old ones from last year have reappeared.

Our wisteria is beginning to bloom and will soon be covering pergolas and fences.

Green lizards are out in force and occasionally have to stop to enjoy the warm sun.

We are having a dry stone wall built in front of the house. It has always been a difficult area because it very exposed and rocky in places. Most plants struggle to survive and it had become quite patchy. There will be lots more photos once it is finished. There will be 3 walls and above them we will plant a row of wisteria on some fabulous frames we have gathered.


Some time ago I wrote about a local blacksmith. Carlo the blacksmith

He made a mezzaluna for me, here is a photo. I love it! The handles are hand carved olive wood.

I have only 6 weeks left in Italy before I finally make my way home to Australia. I hope to see my garden in full bloom before I go.


  1. That mezzaluna is a treasure and your garden is just beautiful. You continuously work to make that property even more gorgeous. Maybe one day I’ll try to rent for a good, long period. I so miss the area.

    • The garden is a huge work in progress. It seems to get bigger every year even though we don’t always plan that. The new walls and a new area at the entrance to our road will be excellent when finished and the grass and plants grow.

  2. Congratulations Deb on your wonderful garden at Casa Debbio this spring……I think it’s even better (if possible) than previous years. The daffodils are always so full of joy, and your wisteria, the peonies, and weeping cherry tree are my favourites …..its fabulous. Wow the new rock wall is great …now next year we will hopefully see small wisteria on the frames you’ve gathered from somewhere interesting. I always like when you use the word ‘gathered’, I know will be different .

    • We will be growing the wisteria over ‘rostre’. They are semi circular metal pieces that usually sit above a doorway. They are all old and we found them in a couple of places that retrieve building materials from old houses. We only picked them up yesterday and delivered them to the house. Ugo and Filippo are just about finished with the third stone wall and will install the frames soon.

  3. Love all your photos of the garden & future plans. Weather plays such a big part doesnt it, either not enough or too much rain. Either way can break our hearts. Love the weeping cherry tree, it is stunning. Hope you do enjoy all the remaining time in garden & we look forward to all photos.

    • It has just started raining…wonderful. I hope it last for a few days. It will put a stop to the work in the garden, but that’s OK.

  4. The garden looks wonderful Deb. Have a good trip home

    • Thank you! It is time to come home for a while.

  5. love your garden and flowers, Regards from the garden of England

    • Our garden is a lot of work, but I love to wander each morning to see new developments. Once spring kicks in things just take off. It is magical.

  6. It is all looking so lovely Deb. The new terracing in front of the house will make it a much easier place for the garden to grow and it will look fabulous.

    • I think it is going to look wonderful. I am impatient to see it complete of course.

  7. Your garden is very beautiful, especially your peonies, I just love them. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photoes

    • I love my peonies. My favourite plant, the first one I put in, grows around 60 blooms each year. I don’t like leaving home when it is in flower.

  8. Enjoy your garden as it looks wonderful!

    • Everything is beginning to bloom. It is a great time in the garden.

  9. Such a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing.

    • It is especially lovely now and for the next couple of months.

  10. Your garden is a work of art Debra! I think Italy gave the rain to QLD.

    • We need lots of rain here. It has been a very dry winter and spring.

  11. Your garden is fabulous and i love the little lizards. I have a mezzaluna which i enjoy using – but it’s not beautiful !

    • My hand made mezzaluna is special.

  12. Aw, shoot! I thought we might see you in July. We’re there for the whole month this year.

    • It is time to go home. I will have been away for 2 years and 3 months.

  13. Such beauty, all my favourites, daffodils and peonies. Those helibores are a stunning colour. Benvenuti in Australia, it’s been a long time! Thank you for keeping me interested with your travels in Italy during this Covid pandemic, while I was stuck in Melbourne and couldn’t travel. It sure has been a long haul for you too.

    • I have been away from home for too long. As much as I love being in Italy I am looking forward to being back in Australia.

  14. Well, a funny thing. It’s your beautiful garden, wonderful life-style and adventures that you colour OUR world with; but when you mentioned ‘going home’ I somehow (how dare I!!) felt somewhat sad and nostalgic…maybe ’cause you won’t be there to share all the promised glory of your garden. And despite the drought; it’s looking ever beautiful and inviting. The terra cotta faces, the new dry wall, all so delightful making your place even more of a paradise. Wonderful!! It’s pretty swoon worthy, I’m sure you’re aware!! Thanks also Debra for remembering to give a ‘shout out’ to your beautiful mezzaluna…I sure drooled over that; resisted the urge to follow suit. A functional piece of art! I’m sure you miss your other home; but I will always associate you with the intense charm and beauty of Casa Debbio and Italy. Safe travels, hurry back….I want to see what lovely summer desserts you’ll be making.

    • It is time for me to go home. I love Australia as much as I love Italy. I miss my garden when I leave but I know Filippo will look after it well. I think it is at its best over the next month or 2. The summer is very hot and just keeping things alive is a challenge. We get little rain usually in summer and keeping the water up to the garden is a big job.
      I will be doing some travel within Australia once I get home, which will be excellent.

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