Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 6, 2022

Cortona revisited

We have been to Cortona a couple of times. The pretty little town is nice to revisit, there is always a chance to find something new. It also has some excellent shops with locally made products.

As the season had not really started we found a car park near the entrance to the town. We walked through a park before entering the main street

It was nice to have the town almost to ourselves. The season will kick off at Easter in a couple of weeks and this will see vast numbers of people descend on Cortona…and other beautiful places in Italy. Let’s hope covid doesn’t continue to interrupt plans. The hideous war in Ukraine is also hanging over our heads and messing with our minds.

The street leading up to the main square is lined with shops, cafes and restaurants.

This pot is ideally placed at the door of a gelateria.

The Piazza della Republica with its steep steps leading to the Palazzo Comunale is the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by.

We walked up the slope beside the steps to a lovely terrace and remembered that we had lunch here on a previous visit.

There are always interesting doorways and fountains to discover.

Down one of the side streets is an open terrace offering views over the countryside where we came upon an old and new sculpture.

This was just a short visit on the way to somewhere else. There is more on Cortona (look for the lovely medieval street) in this previous post.

Cortona, under Tuscan clouds



  1. It’s a beautiful town. Worth repeating visits.

    • Cortona is lovely, we were happy to be back.

  2. What a lovely town Cortona is is all the photos. Must be wonderful strolling around the streets & do love the way they have flowers everywhere in pots. Makes such a difference.

    • Flowers always make a difference.

  3. Cortona looks quite lovely. How special to see it without lots of people, but also not totally empty.

    • It is great to visit before the crowds arrive in a few weeks,

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