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We have been making the most of glorious sunny winter days. This week we went to fabulous Florence for a couple of days. Florence is an easy day trip from Bagni di Lucca, but staying for a few days allows more leisurely wandering, and the city is lovely at night.

Blue sky always makes a great backdrop for the Duomo.

The view of the back of the Duomo is just as stunning as the front.


And the side…I found the bull hiding in a corner on the side. Find the story of the bull and other secrets…Secret Florence

It looks lovely at night too.

We stayed at the Palazzo Guadagni. It has a wonderful terrace, the perfect place for aperitivo.

If you stay at Guadagni when booking ask for room 8, where I stayed last time. It has a wonderful view of the Duomo from the bedroom and bathroom.  See it on Beautiful Florence

This time we stayed in room 10, which was lovely, but the view was not as good. The shower looked like a swimming pool. While interesting, gymnastics were required to get in and out.

There was a lovely sitting room just outside our room. It is a beautiful hotel.

Palazzo Guadagni is in Santo Spirito, close to the stunning church.

We went to the Accademia Gallery to see the original David. It was great to be able to walk in without having to queue. David is not the only resident, there is lots to see. There is a room with the model for Giambologna’s sculpture. The finished product still sits in Piazza Signoria.

There is lots of religious art. Some of it it stunning, but I really like the paintings of every day scenes. This panel took my fancy. It could have been a wedding party or a group attending the theatre. Either way, they were all very stylish.

Looking closely into the paintings reveals some wonderful faces.

Pregnant women don’t feature all that often.

Seeing David up close is awe inspiring.

I think he had an early example of a “mullet”. Perhaps you need to be Australian to see this.

I also went to an exhibition at the Museo de’Medici As well as paintings and items from the Medici family there were some wonderful recreations of costumes of the time. This finishes at the end of March.

Medici jewels.

Beautiful fabrics in Medici style.

Spring fashions are beginning to appear in shops.

There are some stunning shops in Florence. I keep finding new ones.

We had a quick look in the 25 hours Hotel hotel, with a view to staying there next time. I like the palm tree.

I love S.forno Panificio in Via Santa Monica 3r in the Oltrano. I wish I could shop there every day.

Speaking of food. We had an excellent meal at La Menagere, which has just reopened.

I have been to Il Nugolo a few times now and it is consistently great.

Breakfast was at Caffe Gilli in the Piazza Republica, my favourite.

We also tried Rivoire in Piazza Signoria and were impressed.

By chance we wandered past Gucci Garden which had just opened that day. It looked so inviting we stepped inside. We delighted that we were able to be part of their first day.

I love Florence more every time I visit. It is surely one of the most beautiful cities in the world.



  1. Thank you Debra for the beautiful pictures and information. It is very kind of you to put everything online. Kind Greetings from France. Nancy

    • Florence is such a beautiful city it needs to be shared.

  2. Fantastic photos…..Thanks Deb xx

    • I hope you can return soon.

  3. Wonderful wonderful photos of beautiful Florence, everyone making us wanting to go again. All photos of the Duomo just great. Wonder if the couple were going to theatre or a wedding either way loved the look. Thanks so much for the interesting tour.

    • I feel very lucky to be able to visit Florence often.

  4. Can’t wait to get back there, having devoured the Medici TV series. All your photos are incredible. I too love Florence. I always include it in my tours of Tuscany. Maybe this year, hopefully, now fully vaccinated with three vacs.
    In the meantime, your blogs take me there, thank you!

    • I haven’t seen the series yet. I have read several books about the Medici.

  5. Fantastic thank you

    • Florence in winter is great. There are few crowds and the museums are easy to get into.

  6. well this really is a treat Deb! How I would love to be browsing in Florence surrounded by such beauty!

    • I love wandering in the back streets. There are delights at every turn.

  7. Thank you Deb for the beautiful photos of Florence. I have loved it since my first trip there in 1963 and so look forward to my next visit

    • I hope you can come back to Florence soon.

  8. Thank you for sharing, Debra. I love the costume recreation!

    • Me too, especially the gorgeous fabrics.

  9. Loved seeing all the pics and giving us ideas for our next visit to Florence. Can’t wait to come back for a visit.

    • I hope you visit Florence soon.

  10. Speechless! 🤩🤩🤩

    • Florence can do that.

  11. Oh how these pictures bring back so many memories of some of my favourites – Gilli and Rivoire. I love Firenze and can’t wait to return. Thanks for bringing it to us through your photos.

    • Gilli is my favourite, but there are a few places I like to go to. Florence is full of fabulous cafes.

  12. Fabulous Debra. Such a beautiful city

    • Thank you. Florence is wonderful.

  13. Well….this posting simply out did itself! Such a delight – all things beautiful and scrumptious; packed into one sitting. It was breath taking and knee weakening all in one; really! I was overwhelmed with how you captured so many exquisite things, in your two-day stay; perhaps exemplified by all the ‘negative’ that has bombarded us of recent. Many thanks to you for bringing this ‘salve’; reminding all of us; of how it (we) has/have survived over the centuries, capturing and preserving Life’s precious gifts. Wow – this is one of your best; photos exemplary!

    • Florence is a wonderful subject for photos. How could you take a bad photo?

  14. This is a dream trip for me! From the views to the hotel to the food, this is why I miss Italy so much…

  15. It is 2 years today since I arrived in Italy and covid restrictions made it difficult to get home. It has mostly been great. I have finally booked my flight home and am looking forward to being back in Australia in June.

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