Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 2, 2021

Beautiful Florence

I don’t usually go to Florence after April. It is too hot and too crowded. This year is different. It has been much cooler than usual and because of restrictions there are few tourists about.

I can’t walk very far or very fast so I decided to stay a couple of nights so I could retreat to the hotel for regular breaks. I stayed at the Palazzo Guadagni where I stayed at Christmas. Christmas in Florence

It is in the Santo Spirito district. It is a lovely area between Palazzo Pitti and Santo Spirito church, with lots of small interesting shops, cafes and restaurants in the side streets.

The hotel has a wonderful loggia terrace, a great place for evening aperitivo, looking over the rooftops of Florence.

The view from my room was even better. If you go, ask for room number 8. I think it is the best one.

This is the view from the shower.

I was extremely lucky with the weather. It was pleasantly warm and the sky was cornflower blue. I wandered slowly past my favourite places.

I think this tiny balcony on the Ponte Vecchio has to be the cutest in Florence.

Neptune in the Piazza Signoria has been polished up recently and he is looking fierce. Neptune shines again

This one, and the one in Bolgogna, are my favourite Neptunes. I have seen some puny ones on my travels, but these two hold court over their piazzas. See the Bologna Neptune here…The Maserati Trident

I always call into Melaleuca on the bank of the Arno,the cafe run by an Australian and her Italian husband. I go for brunch where I can enjoy something I would eat at home in Brisbane…a little bit of home. A little bit of Australia in Florence

Nearby, in Via Santa Croce, I came upon the most beautiful shop, Aqua Flor. The only part open was the fragrance section where I bought a couple of small gifts.

I wish the rest had been open. All I could do was peer through the windows and wish I was inside. It will have to wait for another trip to Florence.

At the end of Via Santa Croce is this stunning building.

There are some very cute cafes and shops in this area too. There is much to be found in Florence if you leave the obvious streets and venture into the less well known areas. Get lost and just wander and you will be delighted with what you find.

I need to explore more when I can walk a bit more comfortably.




  1. It was lovely to walk down memory lane through your images! Thank you..

    • I love Florence! Being able to visit again was wonderful.

  2. thanks for the lovely images Deb,had a lovely short trip over breakfast with them.

    • The weather was perfect. It is great to be able to walk again and where better to do so than in Florence.

  3. What a wonderful tour guide you are Deb. So much enjoyed all fabulous phots Florence. Your Hotel I am sure will be on the wish list for all who hope to return. Hope your ankle gets stronger.

    • I really like the Santo Spirito area. It is a little off the tourist path with small local markets and inexpensive restaurants. I like shopping in the tiny shops, often served by the owners and makers.

  4. Wonderful words and photos as always. Florence is looking so beautiful! Thanks for the tips, you are a great travel expert!

    • It was great to be able to walk in Florence in such beautiful weather. The city was pleasantly busy and I hope businesses are starting to thrive again.

  5. Thanks for the memories of a wonderful city, Deb. Wish I could visit soon. Take care.

    • Florence is one of my favourite places to visit. I am lucky to be able to do so often.

  6. Thank you for a gorgeous trip down memory lane to inspire thoughts of the future! Hope these special places are surviving?

    • I did see a few closed doors, but many of the shops I know are operating. I hope Italy will recover from the awful time it has had.

  7. Your wonderful photos make me wish I was back in Italy

    • It is great that Italy has opened up and I can travel a bit. Everyone has had a difficult time. I talked to people who are delighted to be working again and seeing people come to their city.

  8. So glad to hear that you are able to venture a little further from home now and I must have been lovely to stroll around beautiful Florence again.

    • It was wonderful to be able to walk through this gorgeous city, even if I was very slow and couldn’t do all I wanted to.

  9. Lucky you! Pleasant weather in Florence at this time of the year! Usually it is too warm and humid… and full of tourists…
    A sheer delight!

    • I know! It was wonderful. I felt so lucky to be there and be walking those beautiful streets under blue sky.

  10. So lovely that you are up and about again Debra. Thanks for your lovely recommendations x

    • Florence was a good test for my foot. It was great to have the hotel to go back to so I could rest it for a while.

  11. Happy to hear that you are back to your normal activities.

  12. Oh Deb, This is my favourite of all your Florence blogs. Just fabulous from every angle. Must note your new hotel choice, looks wonderful.

    • The hotel is great. I stayed there at Christmas, but this time the loggia was open.

  13. I miss Florence! Thank you for the beautiful pictures of one of my favorite cities.

    • It is one of my favourites to. I feel very lucky to have been able to visit.

  14. Such fun to visit again here in Firenze & as always you capture so many of my favorite spots and some I’ve yet to visit! See you again for another Spritz! 😀

    • I love visiting favourite spots and finding new ones.

  15. Thank you for taking us along with you to Florence-how I miss Italy! What are the current restrictions for travelling in Italy? We can’t go anywhere overseas really unless we want to be away for 3 months!

    • It is open for EU travellers and other places with some restrictions. I can go anywhere. Restaurants are now open for indoor as well as outdoor dining. It is great to be able to get out and about.

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