Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 7, 2021

A glorious autumn day

After sitting watching rain falling from my window in Ponte a Serraglio I decided to take a chance on the weather and go out for the day.

The rain was needed after a dry summer, but after a while it gets a bit dreary.

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day so I set off for Lucca. Blue sky is a perfect backdrop for lovely Lucca.



Autumn is my favourite time to walk in the Lucca wall. Some of the trees have lost their leaves already, some stay green and some are glorious gold.


The weather in the last few weeks has been all over the place in Ponte a Serraglio.

The flowers on the bridge are on the way out, but some are still putting on a good show.


On the way back from Lucca I looked up while stopped at a traffic light and saw what appeared to be snow on the mountains. It was cloud, but it won’t be long before there is snow. There have already been light falls at Abetone.

Even though the rainy days get a bit boring the misty, damp days are beautiful.



  1. I would love to be riding the wall in Lucca.

    • There were lots of people out enjoying the beautiful weather on Saturday. It was a bit overcast again today.

  2. Agree Autumn is a beautiful time with all the golden trees. Even one tree
    looks like a golden Christmas tree! Your flowers on the bridge match the colour scheme. What a lovely opportunity to enjoy your walk in Lucca.

    • I love autumn despite the patchy weather. These bright, clear, golden days make up for the dreary wet ones.

  3. Fantastic photos as usual…..they had be dreaming (and wishing ) of Italy.

    • I am happy to have been here for almost 2 years.

  4. Lucca -gorgeous in any weather – great photos

    • It is lovely in any weather, but Saturday was fabulous. As I drove to Lucca golden leaves were falling and the sky was clear blue.

  5. Lovely photos of Lucca and Ponte a Serraglio. The sun on the autumn trees turn them to gold. Lots of rain in Brisbane Debi. No autumn trees for us!
    Take care.

    • It is a beautiful time of the year here. I love the cooler days.

  6. The autumn is looking lovely in Lucca isn’t it.? A very pretty time of year in that wonderful walled city you live near. Always love that iconic white tower – you have captured every angle of that over your 20 or more years there.

    • That is the campanile of the Duomo in Lucca. I do like that angle from the wall. Walking on the wall of Lucca is always wonderful.

  7. It is always lovely to see Lucca in autumn. The colours of the leaves make you really appreciate how spectacular nature is.

    • Wall walking is spectacular in autumn.

  8. Autumn is a beautiful season.

    • Spring and autumn are the best.

  9. Lovely Lucca, one of my favourite cities. Favourite Hotel, Palazzo Rocchi.
    Autumn colours amazing. Would love to be walking round the wall right now.
    Maybe in a few months!

    • Autumn is a beautiful time in Lucca…anytime really.

  10. This morning I had to stop listening to Nigel Slater’s podcast, Christmas Chronicles, because all the talk of frosty air and comforting foods and the traditions around Christmas almost had me sobbing!! But i can’t resist falling into your photos of Autumn! I’m also reading Still Life by Sara Winman which makes me itch to see Florence: the story has now reached the characters’ first Italian Christmas after leaving behind the grey, depressing post-WWII landscape in London. I shall dream on …

    • I have not read that book, sounds interesting. Have you read Enchanted April? It is a great book and movie.

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