Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 10, 2021

Autumn colour in the mountains

Recently I went with friends into the mountains near Bagni di Lucca. We drove up towards Abetone, but turned right towards Cutigliano and headed past the village into beautiful forests.

We went through chestnut forests and higher up, stunning beech forests. This is autumn colour at its best.



Trees are being cut, but I was told by my Italian friends that this is controlled. The large, older trees are left to grow and smaller trees are felled for timber.

We drove on until we were above the tree line and came upon bare mountain tops.

In the photo below you can see a track which goes to Lake Scaffaiolo…another day.

The views from the top are spectacular.

There is a war memorial near the top.

On the way back sun was shining through the tree tops turning them glorious gold and copper colours.

I am very lucky to have friends with local knowledge (and a powerful car). I would not be able to access these stunning places by myself.


  1. Amazing colours and amazing views. Some of your photos look like they could be paintings. The way the sun is shining through on the last three photos almost look like the trees are on fire.

    • The photos don’t show how stunning it is to drive through these forests. Golden leaves fall around you and the light through the trees is incredible. It was a great day out.

  2. Excellent photos capturing the stunning colours and beauty of the forests.
    I wish we were there.

    • The forests are beautiful at this time of the year. My friends know all the best places.

  3. These photos are lovely Debra! Look at those beautiful reds and browns.

    • Autumn is a great time to begin the mountains.

  4. Those autumn colors are so beautiful!

  5. Great scenery and lovely colours

  6. So glad they are not following the US example and are thinning out the trees. It will help if there ever is a fire. Hope they also won’t take the US advice and “vacuum” up the leaves. Beautiful pictures and beautiful area.

  7. Deb this is an awesome posts – those beautiful tress with their autumn leaves.

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