Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 17, 2021

New in Florence

On my latest trip to Florence I discovered a few new things, some new to Florence and some I found for the first time.

There is an excellent new hotel called Piazza San Paolino in Via Palazzuolo, in the Santa Maria Novella district. I didn’t stay there but I visited the ground floor where there is a restaurant, fitness centre, bar, open courtyard and a cafe/deli. I will definitely be planning an overnight stay there soon.

The Jeff Koons exhibition is open in the Palazzo Strozzi. The queue to enter was a bit long so that can wait for another visit too.

The Sophia Loren cafe/ restaurant and bar opened earlier this year and on this Florence visit I went there for breakfast. It is situated on the edge of the Piazza Republica in the centre of Florence. The coffee and pastry were excellent and the setting is lovely.



I have been wanting to go to Nugolo, a restaurant I follow on Instagram. It is not open for lunch so I was provided with a good reason to stay overnight in Florence. We met owner Nerina Martinelli when she introduced herself and explained the menu and the reason for the name of the restaurant.

Her family grows 200 varieties of fruit and vegetables including the “nugolo”, a variety of tomato. For Nerina excellent fresh produce is the basis for her contemporary style food. She is involved in every aspect of the business and is also a charming host.

The setting is inviting.

Every dish was a delight.


I found a shop called Julia B. Casa in Via del Fosso 33r. It has exquisite linens and accessories for the home. The shop is gorgeous with many things I would like to take home.

This restaurant opposite Julia B. Casa is not new and I have noticed it before. I absolutely love the facade of the building. I will eat there on another visit. It is called Tre Merli… 3 Blackbirds.I hope the food is as good as the setting.

The shop windows are full of winter clothes, which is handy, winter has come a bit early this year.

Some things don’t change in Florence. Santa Maria Novella church is always beautiful.

The view over the Arno is always delightful.


The Palazzo Vecchio is definitely not new and puts on a good show at night.

I stayed at Hotel Maxim Axial in Via dei Calzaiuoli 11. It is right in the centre of Florence, the room was great and looked onto a pretty internal courtyard.


  1. All so fabulous but i especially liked Julia B Casa and the nursery mouse and light shades, lovely. Oh, and the foooood!!!

    • I love that shop and I can feel a return visit coming on.

  2. Ah Firenze , still my favourite city . Love the building facade of Tre Merli ! Thanks for taking me back there Deb 🌸

    • The facade is wonderful! I love wandering the streets of Florence.

  3. OH DEB we are so envious of all the journeys you are now able to do. Love Florence and your photos bring back memories. All the restaurants look wonderful & inviting & love the winter fashions & wouldnt mind the blue & white shirt. Thanks for great post.

    • It is great to be able to move around freely. We still wear masks inside, but that is fine. Florence is wonderful, with a delight at every turn.

  4. Love the linen shops in Italy and that one looks delicious – I’d want so much

    • Julia B. Casa is stunning. Every piece is a stand out.

  5. Beautiful post, Deb….love Florence……the food, the history, the magical buildings, exquisite taste! Thanks for the journey ❤️

    • I love Florence too. It is great to find new things and revisit familiar places.

  6. Great discoveries! Thank you for sharing.

    • Beautiful Florence!

  7. Deb this is the most beautiful post, I cannot wait to go back to Florence when we’re allowed out of the country!!!

    • Thank you! Things are starting to look up in Australia.

  8. It was lovely, as always to connect and enjoy a lovely meal (Nugolo). I’m so pleased that you, too, love Sophia Loren and when you stay at 24Hours Firenze, we’ll do aperitivo! A la prossima!

    • We will definitely have aperitivo at San Paolino and perhaps dinner again at Nugolo or Tre Merli.

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