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The Maserati Trident

If you are familiar with Maserati, perhaps you have one, then you will know that the emblem of the car is a trident.

Maserati began on December 1, 1914 in Bologna.  One of the Maserati brothers, Mario, was an artist. He is said to have devised the trident emblem. It is believed that the company wanted something that represented Bologna, something recognisable.


do you recognise the trident?

Neptune in the heart of Bologna

a special Maserati

The crystal encrusted Maserati was on display in Bologna when I was there. I’m not quite sure why this was done, but it looks quite impressive.


I wonder if they can pick them off

looking inside

it would be difficult to clean and wind drag might be a problem

now that's a hubcap

The Neptune in Bologna is the most impressive and powerful one I have seen. There were some very puny Neptunes in Spain and France. The Italians obviously liked their gods tough.


  1. that is soooo weird, the car I mean. The trident is…quite appealing.

    • There was no explanation for the crystal covered car – it was just there.

  2. I wonder if the glue is car wash proof?

    • The brushes would get caught in the crystals.

  3. Ciao, I saw your comment on Dakota and I was curious about your nom de plume, so here I am! Interesting read, I am from Modena (sort of), love Bologna, love Maserati but I’ll skip the crystal one, where I live there are too many spiders (not poisonous like in Australia) and it would be hell to clean the webs off :-).


    • Isn’t Dakota’s blog fabulous? I love his photos. I love Bologna too. I go whenever I can when I am in Italy. I have been to Modena, but we arrived just as siesta kicked in and everything was closed. I’ll have to go back.

  4. Is this car proof of a bored housewife with a glue gun?

    • What an excellent observation.

  5. Yup, I’m with Liz – a craft class on speed – which is kind of punny – Maserati equals speed. The Bologna Neptune is certainly a bonny lad isn’t he.

    • He has muscles on his muscles.

  6. That crystal car is AMAZING – !!! I’d love to see it.

    • You never know it might tour the world and end up somwhere nearby.

  7. Housewife with a glue gun eh?…. So it’s kind of bedazzler-ed then.
    I think my boys would like this one.

    • It is very flash. That housewife has been very busy.

  8. Ahh the Italians and their cars! That’s a lot of crystal bling 😛

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