Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 2, 2021

Snow has gone from Casa Debbio

Today I went to Casa Debbio for the first time in a month. We have had rain, snow, sleet, storms, more rain and the odd day of sunshine. I was to go last week, as most of the snow had gone from Vergemoli, but Filippo sent me a photo of the road up to the house and there was ice on the steep, shady parts.

Not only would driving be dangerous, but even walking on the steep bits would be treacherous. The sun was shining today and 10 degrees was forecast so I called Filippo who gave me the all clear.

The drive up was gorgeous…as usual.

It was a glorious day in Vergemoli. I parked the car at the church at the top of the village, stopped to admire Pania with snow on top and the valley below in the mist before heading along the road to Casa Debbio.

I can see where there have been lots of fallen trees. Filippo and others have chopped down the trees and cut them into logs for firewood. There are stacks all along the road.

There has been some damage at Casa Debbio. The heavy snow was too much for a couple of olive trees and they are damaged beyond repair. A few others will survive with a bit of pruning. Most are OK.

I wonder if the lavender along the driveway wall will be OK. We will know in a few weeks.

A persimmon tree fell down, along with a couple of pomegranates. They can be replaced in a few weeks. Our lovely little camellia that is just beginning to recover from the chewing of wild goats has been broken in half. All the terraces are OK. Most of the damage was caused by the snow rather than rain.

The garden is just waiting for spring to turn everything green. I saw lots of tiny buds beginning to appear. Daffodils are poking their leaves up.  In another month there will be green tips all over the place. There is still plenty of cold weather to come, but the days are getting longer.

Rain is forecast again for tomorrow, but as soon as we get a run of fine days work will start in the garden at Casa Debbio…I can’t wait!


  1. How gorgeous!

    • I was very happy to see my garden again. I can’t wait for spring to see it come to life.

  2. I just received warning from Microsoft that your link may be unsafe. I wanted you to be aware in case there was a problem on your end.

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    • Same here. It was okay when I came in via my reader. I had the same warning with another WordPress blog, and it, like Debbie’s, had a translate option from Polish to English. Did your have that, C.Kirk?

    • I am not aware of a problem. Thank you for telling me.

  3. It all looks spectacular Debra! You will have it all looking shipshape in no time👍

    • It will be fine with some trimming and some new trees. Roll on spring.

  4. Such a landscape! Nature is a wondrous thing. Can’t wait for the spring photos. Enjoy your visit Deb.

    • I will have been here for a whole year soon. It has been great to see all the seasons.

  5. Winter also has a rugged, if sometimes brutal, beauty. You will be so happy putting on your wellies and getting the garden sorted!!
    Enjoy xx

    • I like winter. There has been a bit too much rain for my liking this year but we have no control over the weather.

  6. Your heart must sing when you drive through that beautiful scenery. Such a pity to hear of some damage to the garden but I am sure you & Filippo will have it looking wonderful for spring.

    • I love the drive up to Casa Debbio. It is spectacular in every season. We have some new plans for the garden and soon we will be able to start work. It is lovely to see the garden come alive in spring.

  7. That scenery just makes my heart sing!

  8. Such glorious views, Debra, what a pity that you lost quite a few trees. Enjoy what’s left.

    • It could have been much worse. There was a metre of snow on the garden for weeks.

  9. Sorry to hear about the damage caused by the heavy snow. We are having bad weather everywhere. Madrid was practically isolated for at least a couple of days.

    • This area had the most snow for years. While it can be very pretty it causes a lot of damage. My garden has survived pretty well. In a few weeks we will plant some new things and all will be OK.

  10. It still looks really lovely. Your thumbs must be itching to start work there.

    • I like winter here in Italy. I could do without some of the rain, but I like the stark landscape and I love the misty days. I will be ready for spring to watch my garden come alive.

  11. Sorry about the olive trees but I am sure you and Fillipo will get it looking right and growing well coming into the spring. Will there be any more snow up there as it is only early February ?

    • We could get more snow. It can happen in March. We have had quite enough snow and rain this winter. I am ready for some sun.

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