Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 7, 2021

A day of snow

Yesterday I woke up to see light snow falling here in Ponte a Serraglio. It doesn’t happen very often so I kept watch from the window of our apartment. At first it didn’t seem to be gathering on the ground.

Gradually the snow fall became heavier and soon the village was transformed.


I quickly got dressed and headed out for a walk in the snow.

My pansies were covered with snow. They have already been pelted with rain for weeks. I wonder if they will survive.

All along the river everything was covered with a light dusting of snow. In the higher villages there was much more snow, but this was enough for a pretty walk.


I walked up towards Bagni Caldi for a different view. By this time the snow had stopped falling and the snow on the ground was beginning to turn to slush.

I spotted thus bright bush dusted with snow in a garden on the way.

It is a lovely walk up the hill at any time.

The first stop is at the tiny piazza in front of the Bernabo baths, now closed.


Then a bit further up for a different aspect.

…and back down the hill to my apartment.

Later on the sun came out briefly.

Then mist settled over us.

The 6th January, Epiphany, is the last day for Christmas decorations. The white Christmas tree I decorated with pink bows lasted well considering it was rained, hailed and snowed on.


We had just a day of snow in Ponte a Serraglio, but the falls were heavy in the higher towns and villages, where many houses lost power and telephone. Lots of roads were cut with fallen trees and landslides.

This is the road to Vergemoli, where our mountain house is, a few days ago.

Here it is after the snowfall. You can just make out the curves of the road.

The photo was taken by Carlo Cecchi from Vergemoli. I hope I can share more of his photos. I would love to go up to Vergemoli, but I’m not driving on that road just yet!




  1. Wow!

    • It was fun while it lasted.

  2. Some amazing photos there. It’s incredible how that bit of snow can give a whole different perspective to the scenery. I don’t think I’d be attempting that road to Vergemoli just yet either. Although I’m sure it would look stunning up there. Take care.

    • The mountain roads are a bit risky right now. I will wait a while before I go anywhere.

  3. What a lovely walk with you around the Village. Know we have said before but you do have a wonderful eye for capturing great photos. The red bush under snow looks so bright & no dont think the pansies will survive, would you?
    Am sure the drive up to Casa Debbio would be a bit hairy, best to stay where you are. Thanks & love all the views of snow. PS it was 39 degrees here on Wednesday!!

    • I won’t be going to Vergemoli just yet. This morning those tough little pansies are looking OK. Some even have new buds!

  4. Great photos, Deb. Thanks.

    • I love it when it snows here. It usually doesn’t last long down here by the river.

  5. Truly gorgeous!

    • Ponte a Serraglio is beautiful with its snow covering.

  6. So lovely and cooling to see these photos. We are experiencing very hot weather here in Western Australia at the moment, even down here in the south. 37 deg forecast for today.

    • Today was sunny and very cold. Winter is here. The snow is very pretty while it lasts.

  7. Really wonderful. Love your white and pink Xmas tree!

    • I liked it too. I planted pink cyclamen in the pots, but they are a bit battered by the weather.

  8. How refreshing to see that snow, somewhat different than Australia just now.

    A year ago today, all we saw was smoke from the bushfires, and we evacuated the next day.

    • I was in Australia for the bush fires. It was a terrible time.

  9. Thanks so much for the continued profiling of this beautiful little part of an amazing country!

    • It is my pleasure to share Bagni di Lucca with others. I have now been here more than 10 months and have seen each season come and go.

  10. Hi Deb….

    I love the snowy photos… not so fond of slush… somehow that always Seemed colder than the snow as a child.

    My stepmother died overnight. She went down with Covid-19 and didn’t recover. I feel very sad at the end of a generation….now it’s my turn to grow old…Oooops!! Already there!!

    We are locked in again but only for three days, I’m sure it will be longer. Not surprised it has happened, we have been so lucky so far!!

    Stay warm!! Jxx

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    • I’m sorry to hear about your stepmother. The situation is bad in the UK. So far tests in Brisbane have not revealed any other positive cases so let’s hope the lockdown will be short.
      The mountains around us are covered in snow and when the roads improve I will go up to enjoy the beautiful snowy scenes.
      Stay well!

  11. Debra, I love your snowy images. It’s interesting how snow can turn places into something more like a fairy tale. When snow falls it seems like the world around us becomes quiet and calm and one can only hear the snowflakes hitting the ground.

    • I love it when we have snowy days! I grew up in sub tropical Queensland and didn’t see snow at all until I was in my 30s except for one day in Sorrento when I was 19. I walked outside and slipped on a tiny bit of snow on the steps.

  12. Such beautiful photos Debra and so different to what we’re experiencing. I love the look of snow but I’m not very good at walking in it.

  13. Hello Debra, We are Patrick (USA) and Nancy (USA but German Resident) and are in Bagni di Lucca for a few days and would love to meet up with you if you have 30-60-ish minutes. I remodel homes and like the affordability of property here as well as the rich history and bountiful beauty and peace. It seems you are a bit of an expert on the area and it would be great to meet you. Also love the fact that other expats are in the area and would like to know more about that too.Thanks and I hope it can work out to meet up with you soon. Patrick & Nancy

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