Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 14, 2021

Deep snow in Vergemoli

I can’t go to Casa Debbio for a while. The road to the house is deep under the snow that has fallen recently. It is not possible to drive to the house and even walking up is difficult. Filippo went up a couple of days ago and said there are icy patches hidden under the snow making the steep parts of the road slippery and dangerous. I will take his word for it.

The snow fall in Vergemoli was the heaviest for years. Carlo Cecchi and Clarissa Asti, who live in the village, have some wonderful photos on their Facebook pages and have kindly agreed to let me share them. I won’t be driving up the mountain until conditions are safer.

Here are some of Carlo’s photos of the roads around Vergemoli.

…and around the village.


This is Carlo’s photo of the wonderful house directly below ours, looking even more beautiful with its snow trimming.


These photos were taken of the village from a distance.

Clarissa took these lovely photos. The first is in front of the church. The road to our house is beside that. The second is from her window.


This is her front yard.

My friend Roberta took a couple of photos of Casa Debbio from the village. Filippo said several trees have been damaged by the weight of the snow, which is disappointing. We will have work to do once the snow has gone.

The snow is very pretty, but Vergemoli was without power and phone for days. We have had a few calm, sunny days, but more snow is predicted. I hope it doesn’t cause any more damage.


  1. Oh, wow, a true winter landscape!

    • A huge amount of snow has fallen in the mountains. I have not seen anything like it before.

      • Oh, so it really isn’t usual….

  2. Wonderful photos make me realise how much I miss the snow. 🤗

    • Snow is beautiful, but it does cause a lot of problems.

  3. OH Debra I know snow can be a disaster & dangerous to travel on, but the photos look stunning. I particularly like the one of the Church looking through the arch of icicles. All the photos look as though we are looking at fairyland. Hope not too much damage on your trees & garden.

    • I love that photo too. I drive through that arch each time I go to Casa Debbio. I hope my garden will be OK but I expect a few plants won’t survive. We lose a few each winter.

  4. Hi deb Looks awesome but guess the locals are not happy with the damage. So bloody humid here and lots of rain. Kendall

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    • Those photos are amazing. It’s a shame you are unable to get to Casa Debbio safely. Are the people in Vergemoli able to travel up and down the mountain? I would imagine it to be quite hair-raising even if they could. Are you getting much snow near your apartment?
      How are restrictions going over there with the virus?

      • I hope to be able to go to the house next week. The road up the mountain is clear, but can be icy in places because of the cold temperatures. Most people are using it only if they have to. We had some snow in Ponte a Serraglio. There are photos in the previous post. It only lasted a day here.
        At the moment Tuscany is a yellow zone which means we have light restrictions. I can move around within the region and shops are open. Cafes and restaurants are open until 6.00pm and after that only takeaway. I hope we don’t go backwards.

    • A lot of homes have been without power since the snow. Falling trees and broken power lines have been a big problem.

  5. Wonderful photos Carlo and Clarissa. Thank you for sharing. The village and Casa Debbio look so different in the snow. Just beautiful.

    • Vergemoli looks stunning, however I will be waiting until the snow has gone before venturing up the mountain. Thank goodness for the photos of others.

  6. While the snow is quite lovely, I imagine being without electricity is very upsetting and uncomfortable. Hopefully that is repaired soon and there is not too much damage to Casa Debbio.

    • I hope the garden will be OK. I will have to wait for spring to really see how everything is.

  7. Hi Debra, as much as it looks like a winter fairy tale, as much the snow can cause damages especially when the snow gets really heavy. Good thing that shops and restaurants are open. Wish you good luck, greetings from California from Cornelia, I won’t tell you about our weather here 🙂

    • I’m sure your winter weather is divine. I think it is similar to our winter in Brisbane, which I think is perfect.

      • Well actually here in Southern California we don’t have a ” real” winter, we just hope for rain to happen.

  8. It looks very nice, but I am glad that you are staying at Ponte a Serraglio with all that snow.

    • I can wait until it is safe to go up to Casa Debbio.

  9. Just amazing photos Deb .. I could feel the cold ⛄️

    • It has been quite cold. It has just started snowing here in Ponte a Serraglio.

  10. Falling snow is so enchanting- I really hope it doesn’t cause damage, especially to your garden

    • Filippo has been up to the house and says some of the trees are damaged. We won’t really know until spring what has not survived.

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