Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 2, 2020

First snow at Casa Debbio

Snow was forecast for our area, but I woke up several times during the night to the sound of rain. At some point that rain turned to snow. I awoke again at 6.00am and opened the window to see snow on the ground. I had to wait a couple of hours for enough light to see it properly.

This was at about 7.30am.

A little later it looked like this from my bedroom window and from the terrace in front of the house.

The driveway.

I pulled on my waterproof boots and went for a walk around the garden to make the most of a rare snowy day.

There is no washing on the line today.

…the path above the house.

…and back.

…down the driveway, past the weeping cherry and on to the terrace below the house.

My terracotta heads are all wearing snowy hats.

…further down the driveway.

…back up to the house. There are 3 sets of footprints now.


The sun came out in bursts and mist swirled up the valley and gradually the snow melted.

From the kitchen window.

Later this afternoon the snow was almost gone.

I decided a few days ago that being at Casa Debbio is like living in a snow globe. The house is on the side of a mountain and is surrounded by mountains. The sky sits above like a dome. Today there was also snow. It was fun while it lasted.



  1. Wow Debra, so different to Brisbane. Just beautiful.

    • It is about as far removed from my life in Brisbane as it could be. I grew up at the beach on the Gold Coast and I sometimes wonder as I am driving up the mountain how it came to be.

  2. Wonderful photos Debra. It is like looking at lots of Christmas cards. The terracotta heads look like they have curly white hair, & the big frog must be cold!! Amazing the amount of snow you had seeing that you said it doesnt usually snow at Casa Debbio. You have now experienced seeing the four seasons at your home this year. Thanks for all the beautiful photos.

    • It used to snow more often here but in recent years it has been rare. It happens only once or twice a season and not every year. I am happy I was here for this snowfall. I love it.

  3. Wow, it looks amazing. What a wonderful view to wake up to, the photos are great. I’m amazed you said it is rare to get snow there. I had imagined you getting snowed in there at different times throughout winter. You certainly get a beautiful mix of seasons at your piece of paradise. I have enjoyed seeing the changes in your photos throughout this year.

    • It doesn’t happen often, which is a good thing. I can’t drive in or out if it snows. I can walk, but it takes a while to trudge through the snow up the steep bits. I have certainly seen everything this year!

  4. Lovely “ bianco e nero” photos. Maybe you’re in for a white Christmas? How beautiful that would be.

    • It could happen, but I won’t be up here for Christmas. We have guests coming soon and I will be at Ponte a Serraglio. It is also beautiful there when it snows. It hasn’t really been very cold yet, which is why it was a surprise to get snow.

  5. Wow Deb you have certainly experienced all seasons at Cassa Debbio. How beautiful it looked under a light snow covering and great that you wee there to see it like that. A beautiful part of the world!

    • It is beautiful here in any season, but snow is special.

  6. Hello Deb….

    What fun it must have been in the snow. I remember the excitement as a child when we woke to a snowy landscape, especially when Dad was still flying and we lived in the countryside.

    The San G. Post was interesting. I’m not a lover of towers but appreciate the amazing feat of ancient engineering. Can you see inside any of them, there didn’t seem to be many windows?

    As usual, I loved your posts but I miss you!! I wonder how you feel this year has rated for you in terms of personal happiness and contentment? I guess it has given you time to reflect and heal after all the family stuff you have endured? I hope you are OK.

    Look after yourself and enjoy your amazing surroundings.


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    • I love it when it snows. I could not wait for it to be light so I could go outside to walk in it.
      This year has been interesting to say the least. Luckily I am happy with my own company, but it has not always been easy. I think it has been difficult for many people. I keep reminding myself that I am lucky to be in a lovely place, I don’t have to worry about money or losing a job or a business and just get on with it. Keeping busy helps.
      Stay well and let’s hope things return to some sort of normal soon and I can some home.
      The tower houses are just one room to a floor usually. I did go into one of the towers in San Gimignano years ago, but mostly I am happy to just look at them from outside.

  7. Exciting when it snows – one year on Christmas Day we had to dig the car out of the snow in the car park – that was unusual and hard work !!!

    • I didn’t plan to go anywhere today. I just stayed home and enjoyed the snow and my beautiful ever changing views.

  8. Beautiful !! Thanks Debra , am thoroughly enjoying being able to “travel “ through your amazing photos .

    • It has been an interesting year. I hope our restrictions are loosened a bit soon. I would like to go to Lucca and Florence to see the Christmas decorations.

  9. Beautiful! The magic of snow never leaves you. I grew up in the North of Scotland. I remember a few years ago, taking a small group to a small village near Lucignano, for Christmas and woke up to silence and lots of snow. Sadly it didn’t last more than a day, But it was magical. Hope you get a white Christmas Day. Take care. Isobel

    • I hope we get another drop of snow this winter. It makes everything look wonderful!

  10. Debra. This is what I imagine Fairy Land to look like. You have captured the area beautifully with your stunning photos.

    • I enjoyed walking around my garden in the snow. I will be going down to our apartment on Sunday until the end of January. I hope we get some more snow so I can see it in the villages of Bagni di Lucca.

  11. It looks beautiful! Temperatures are also dropping in the north of Spain, but I doubt we will get any snow.

    • This was quite rare for this time of year. It is still not particularly cold, but I think it is coming.

  12. How spoilt you are! Beautiful.

    • I was delighted to wake up to snow. I think I will be waking up to heavy rain and strong wind tomorrow…not my idea of fun.

  13. Love the pomegranate and the frog – and, actually, anything with snow on it! I love the quality of light and sound when it has snowed.

    • Snow makes everything look pretty. I hope we get some more.

  14. Wow look at the blanket of snow! Incredible and it’s so warm here today in complete contrast!

    • It was great to wake up to snow. Today we are expecting heavy rain and strong wind, not much fun.

  15. What wonderful photos, very evocative and Christmassy ! Do you ever take a little video (I think we would love that 😉😊). Here in the uk we have just come out of a months lockdown and our weather has turned very cold and shone area are due snow. I cannot wait to return to our place on Lago d’Iseo….. we’ve only managed once this year ! Stay safe and warm with your beautiful pussycats 😊

    • I do put videos on my Instagram page occasionally. The blog is more difficult for me as I am relatively useless with this stuff.
      I love Lago d’Iseo! I went there for the first time last year with my son. I did a post on it and had planned to return there and to Bergamo…that didn’t happen.
      I don’t have cats. Our last beautiful cat, Tallulah, died several years ago and we decided not to get another while we travel so much.

  16. It looks soooo pretty! You are so lucky to be spending time in such a scenic location no matter what the weather 🙂

    • It is certainly beautiful at Casa Debbio. The rain will help to make the garden more beautiful in spring.

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