Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 18, 2019

Dragons in Spello

On a recent visit to Spello in beautiful Umbria we wandered into an internal courtyard that houses the Comune offices.

Just inside the entrance we came upon a wonderful frescoed ceiling. It featured dragons and the light fittings and torch holders repeated the theme. I have no idea why dragons were used to decorate this place, but I love them!

I want that light fitting!

Does anyone know why dragons were a popular item in Italy a few centuries ago?


  1. Gotta love a dragon!! They are so beautifully crafted and every one different. Their faces look quite benign but I wonder what they get up to at night!!! Jx

    • I have a dragon similar to these. It is waiting for the right spot at Casa Debbio.

  2. Umbria is full of myths and legends and both dragons and griffins (half an eagle, half a lion) are abundant in the coats of arms of the cities. Spello’s coat of arms does not depict one, but these mythical beasts are widely used in ornaments. Perugia has the griffin as symbol and you find them everywhere. Near Spello is Mt. Subasio that has a legend about a dragon

    • I have a little dragon similar to these. I found it in Arezzo at an antique shop. He is very cute and will find a special place at Casa Debbio. Thank you for the information.

  3. The building you discovered is lovely. Can you imagine how beautiful it was years ago. I so hope the frescoed ceiling is restored in the future but unfortunately the commune probably doesn’t have the funds for that.

    • Yes, it needs a bit of work. Spello seems to be relatively wealthy. The town is beautifully kept. Maybe it will get some attention soon.

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