Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 5, 2019

Vegans look away

When I was in Rome on the way home to Australia I spotted this butcher shop on the way to the Pantheon in Via della Maddalena.

The window called me in.


Inside there were more delicious things to tempt me. If only I had an apartment with a kitchen!

The only real problem would be deciding what to buy…lucky Romans.



  1. My favourite bldg. in Rome is also the Pantheon – fabulous! Now you’ve got another destination nearby to give purpose to a visit – your photos, as always are fabulous, don’t eat that much meat but how you’ve captured the
    abundance, creativity and sumptuousness of the display is most admirable.
    Further THANKS for taking us on this ride!!

    • I don’t eat a lot of meat either, but I loved the presentation. I would like to stay in a place with a kitchen to take advantage of some of these delicious options.

  2. Thank you for this delicious posting. I’m adding it to my must try places, when we’re next staying in Rome. Can’t wait to visit and try out some of their delicious offerings.

    • It is great! I hope you get to try it soon.

  3. Oh, yes, Deb! This is a temple of gastronomy at its best! Not the ordinary butcher. It has been there for a century and always excelling themselves. They have won many accolades, but they keep on improving. It is not a cheap butcher, you may expect high prices, but the product and it’s presentation will not let you down. I think that if we have to cut down on the consumption of beef because of the climate change, Feroci will keep on going until the end of times. At least, I hope so….
    And the coffee from nearby Sant Eustacchio….

    • It is excellent! I wish it was near where I live. Yes, coffee is good at Sant Eustacchio.

  4. My goodness, i would die of indecision (not indigestion)

  5. What delightful tempting displays to attract the passerby. Very gourmet!

    • A lot of effort has been put into the window!

  6. Bring that butcher shop back with you! Such delectable displays of wonderful meat!!

    • I wish I could have brought it home with me.

  7. Beautiful! I wonder what the thing is that looks like a rose wrapped in bacon?

    • I don’t know what it is, but I would like to try it.

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love the title of this post! You know, I don’t eat tons of meat, but I’m no vegan. And I’m certainly a fan of charcuterie, and that will never change. Great photos!

    • I eat a lot less meat than I used to, but I could not be vegan.

  9. Lucky Romans is right. I love the way everything is so beautifully created and displayed. Certainly not like any market in our town.

    • The display is excellent. Clearly a lot of time and effort is needed to make it look this good.

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