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Amazing Lucca

Meet Federica and Alessandro. They have started an exciting business in Lucca called Amazing Lucca. They organise and lead historical and adventure tours in the Lucca area.

Amazing Lucca

They can take you to Renaissance villas, medieval churches, stunning countryside, vineyards, glorious mountains and much more. On foot, mountain bike, or E bike you can discover secret places off the beaten track with people who know the area.

Meet locals and taste the local produce of this incredible land. Trudge or ride up rugged mountains and find hidden streams, enchanted forests and breathtaking landscapes. Federica and Alessandro will guide you to spectacular places.

I met them recently in the lovely rural village where they live.

Amazing Lucca

Amazing Lucca

They are planning local stays with Italian cooking lessons. Afternoons could be spent foraging in local fields for wild food which will then become the ingredients for dinner…what fun!

Please share this with anyone you think would be interested in getting to know the Lucca area with Federica and Alessandro.

Amazing Lucca

Federica……..(39) 338 7901829

Alessandro….(39) 3402798654


  1. There is so much to discover that it is better to do it with experienced and knowledgeable people. I wish them lots of success..

  2. Sounds a great way to discover all the special places and things to experience and enjoy in your region of Lucca.

  3. I tried to Share but I had to prove I was not a robot and it all became too difficult

  4. What a great venture. I wish them every success.

  5. Lucca is special for Giacomo Puccini!

  6. How lovely.

  7. It is always pleasant to discover little unknown treasures with those that live in a region. Wishing them all the best.

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