Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 5, 2019

Flowers on the wall

Every year in early April there is a wonderful plant expo on the wall of Lucca, Verdemura. We go each year in search of some interesting plants for our garden and we find them. Most of our plants come from local nurseries which are excellent, but at Verdemura we find more unusual things.

This year Verdemura is being held on Baluardo San Donato and Baluardo Santa Croce and the wall in between. There is an entrance near Porta Santa Anna, one at Castello San Donato and near Baluardo Santa Croce. You can pick up a trolley at each end. (You will need to leave identification)

Verdemura 2019

Verdemura 2019

Today we found some gorgeous peonies, lupins, a black raspberry some stunning poppies and bleeding hearts.

There is also food and some great products.

Verdemura 2019

Verdemura 2019

Verdemura 2019

Verdemura 2019


Entry costs €7 and €4 for concessions. Verdemura is open tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow from 9.30 – 19.00. Sunday 9.30 – 19.00. Last tickets sold at 18.00.


  1. Thanks for posting about this! I love this event – I got a hand-dyed scarf there a few years ago and every time I wear it I channel all the beautiful flowers, the amazing fruit, etc. – lovely town, lovely event!!!!

    • We have been going for several years now. It is a great place to get special plants.

  2. I trust you got some of that wonderful pure honey. It is becoming harder to get that quality and the Chinese imports cannot compare.

    • The honey looked great, but a friend here keeps bees and keeps us well supplied. We are very lucky.

  3. Looks FAB!

  4. What a gorgeous market. Those ceramics are really pretty too!

  5. I know your garden will welcome any new additions that come its way.

  6. Debra

    Jill Lennon is trying to contact you re Saturday but having trouble with her email. If possible could you email me so I can give you her mobile number so you can text her.
    Many Thanks Debra

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