Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 25, 2018

Faces at the Palio dei Somari

I have been again to the Palio dei Somari in Torrita di Siena. It is a donkey Palio. I came 2 years ago and loved it, so I came back, this time just the day of the race.

I have taken lots of photos and will show you more in the next few posts. I will start with some of the interesting faces at the Palio. Some are familiar from last time.

Palio dei Somari 2018

Palio dei Somari 2018

Palio dei Somar 2018

Palio dei Somari 2018

Palio dei Somari 2018

Palio dei Somari 2018

Palio dei Somari 2018


Palio dei Somari 2018

Palio dei Somari 2018

Some of the people have changed teams and colours, but the show was just as spectacular as last time…see Faces at the Palio



  1. I get the feeling that you never get tired with festivals like this.

    • I don’t. I love the costumes, the spectacle and the effort that goes in to putting on the show. I also like the good natured crowds that gather to watch.

      • My cousin is an active participant in the Pescia Palio. I think that one is in early September.

  2. How fun and you have captured some beauties!

    • I look for the pretty faces.

  3. Wow…. what a genetically blessed community!! Are the donkeys similarly handsome?!! Jx

    • I just added a donkey photo which I forgot to put in. I suppose you could say they are good looking. They are certainly well cared for.

  4. It’s quite some spectacle!

    • It is an amazing event. It was freezing this year. 3 hours standing in a cold wind takes its toll.

      • Well done for sticking with it!

  5. HI Debra, The last shot is a classic.How transformed the woman in the green hat becomes when she smiles! The detail in the costuming is amazing.And I still love, love, love the first shot in last years post. That child. The Italians can be so melodramatic, can’t they. Keep going to the Palio so we can see it as well. Louise

    • I love the theatrics of the event. People become completely caught up in the moment.

  6. Such a handsome group of people and the costume 😍. Love a bit of drama

  7. Wonderful costumes and photos!

    • It is a spectacular event.

  8. How fabulous! I would love to attend this or a similar festival! What beautiful, handsome faces, donkey, too! 😀

    • You really need to go for the whole weekend, as I did last time, to see all the events.

  9. I would love to attend this . being on a donkey would be the best of best.

  10. Looks like a fun event, Beautiful costumes….the Italians do it very well.

  11. Oh I love the donkey !!! He is very handsome … lovely eyes!! Probably a vicious little beggar!! Jx

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