Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 2, 2016

Faces at the Palio

There were some very interesting faces at the Palio dei Somari in Torrita di Siena.

Palio de Somari

Palio dei Somari

Palio dei Somari

Palio dei Somari

Palio dei Somari


…and some cute feet.


Palio dei Somari

Palio dei Somari

Palio dei Somari

I would return to the Palio dei Somari for the costumes alone. There was so much beautiful detail in them, I would love to have a close look.


  1. Lovely faces!

    • They seem to take on a medieval persona when the costume goes on.

  2. Brightened my Saturday, how lovely!

  3. There are those beautiful faces dressed in green again.

    • They seemed to pop up everywhere.

  4. From your wonderful pics, it seems the Italians love to dress up in ancient costumes.

    • They do seem to love it and they do it very well.

  5. Really lovely captures Debra – I love the first two photos! The costumes also are stunning especially considering it is a small town. Whenever we are in Italy we always, without fail, stumble across some sort of festival or pageant even without seeking them out!

    • The children were remarkably well behaved. They start early with the dressing up and playing a part.

  6. How interesting to see the expressions on their faces. I like the first two pictures the best. The Italians love their paegents and ceremonies to dress up, don’t they?

    • Those 2 were my favourites too.

  7. Love the feet!

    • Yes, even the feet were well dressed.

  8. The faces look molto medievale, and my favourite is the one of the young men in green.

    • Agree!…..the three faces of the young men in green could be a medieval painting…..all great photos, but I also love the children in the first photo!

    • I did take rather a lot of those men in green.

  9. You can certainly find those fine faces Deb

    • I thought they all looked wonderful playing their parts.

  10. What fun! So colorful, they put a lot into it.

    • They certainly do. It must have been a long day for the children.

  11. It is like taking a trip on a time machine… Great photos!

  12. Very interesting . Thanks for sharing – Palio pic

  13. Great pictures! I love the picture of the three guys in green. They look like they could be in a fresco in a church. You are a very talented photographer.

  14. The litle boy in picture one stole My heart…..

  15. What a beautiful collection. The detail in the costumes is extraordinary and the fabrics look sumptuous.

  16. Absolutely love this…faces, costumes, everything–I want to go, too! 😀

  17. What amazing photos -why don’t I wear clothes (and materials) like this!

  18. Love the pictures! very expressive down to the feet! I know a physician who practices medicine and surgery of the foot & ankle. He and his staff will get a kick out of these.

  19. My cousin told me that if we ever came to the festival in Pescia, he would get us the proper attire.

  20. The face of the child in front clasping her hands – is she italian! Such a classic. I want to put a speech bubble there. But My Italian is so rusty I’m not sure where to go with it. Would it would have to start “ma che … ”

    The photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Louise

    • It was a lucky shot. The children were amazing.

  21. Great Pictures and excellent Article!

    • Thank you, it was a fun event.

  22. […] Some of the people have changed teams and colours, but the show was just as spectacular as last time…see Faces at the Palio […]

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