Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 22, 2017

Blue sky over Paris

My first full day in Paris was overcast. The city looks stunning in any weather, but I was very happy to wake up to blue sky the next day.

My wanderings took me along the Seine and into the Marais. I got a bit lost around the Place des Vosges, but that didn’t matter. Everywhere there was blue sky, beautiful rooftops and things to admire.












Paris must surely be the most beautiful city. I will be back next year!


  1. A beautiful description. I often try to get lost in Paris on a beautiful day and I always go back to the Seine (its heart)

    • Getting lost in Paris is not a bad thing.

      • The beautiful concept of le flâneur. Loved your blog.

  2. Paris wouldn’t be Paris without getting lost a little. Nice photos!

    • Than you! Getting lost was not really a problem. The whole city is gorgeous.

  3. Isn’t that glorious – blue sky, crisp air and Paris – Lordy, i am most definitely on the wrong bus!

    • Paris is incredible.

  4. I’m off to hospital tomorrow !!! Look forward to your posts to save me going nuts during convalescence !! Jxx

    • The Amalf Coast will come soon.

    • I wish you a speedy recovery.

  5. Paris is so enticing…great pictures Debra. The Marais is an interesting area and Place Des Voges is a favourite to walk through and sit for a while. Am having a week in Montmartre from next weekend. This week I’m staying at Weggis on Lake Lucerne. It’s so quiet and peaceful.

    • Have a wonderful time.

  6. Autumn is my favourite time of the year to visit Paris. The city glows with a special light.

    • It certainly does. I love autumn.

  7. You must have taken these pics at the height of Ramadan , when all the people were inside the Mosques !

    • Paris was very busy. Most of these photos were taken looking up. The streets were crowded.

  8. Paris is such an elegant city and always enchants in every corner you turn.

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