Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 2, 2017

Autumn garden at Casa Debbio

I arrived at Casa Debbio on a damp, dreary afternoon. The garden looked a bit bedraggled with the lavender drooping under the weight of the rain drops. The perfume was divine as I pushed my way along the paths with wet lavender brushing my legs.

I awoke this morning to mist swirling through the valley below. Then the sun came up and brightened everything.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Filippo has done an amazing job with the garden over the summer. It was extremely hot and there was almost no rain, after a dry spring. He spent lots of time watering, weeding and taking care of new plantings. He walked with me this morning, pointing out the plants that did well and the ones the wild goats feasted on.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

The geraniums don’t like the extreme heat of summer, but are happy again now that the days have cooled.

Casa Debbio

Some of the lavender is shoulder height…I will have some pruning to do soon.

Casa Debbio


Casa Debbio

Wisteria is making its way over the pergolas.

Casa Debbio

I wish I had seen the oak leaf hydrangea when the flowers were new.


My scarecrow is still guarding the tomatoes even though her hat has drooped a bit.

Casa Debbio

The extremely dry weather meant that the fruit trees didn’t do so well, but there are a few pomegranates, tiny figs and, for the first time, cachi (persimmons).

Casa Debbio

Filippo has been scouring the hills around Casa Debbio for porcini mushrooms and brought me some fine specimens.

Casa Debbio

I cooked some in butter, garlic and thyme for lunch.

Casa Debbio

The afternoon was glorious at Casa Debbio.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio


Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

The views from Casa Debbio are amazing. Perhaps this is the place for your Italian holiday next year.


  1. It is looking great in spite of the unfavorable weather conditions over the summer. Enjoy!

    • It is interesting to see how things grow and change every year.

  2. What a fabulous place to wake up in. Your garden is looking great.

    • When you consider that we started with a property covered with brambles. The lower garden was planted in 2015. This is only its third summer.

      • How did you get rid of the brambles? My daughter has moved into an old house and her garden is full of them. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

      • Our good friend and gardener cut them all out and burnt them. He then painted the stumps with poison. They grow back and have to be cut on a regular basis. I don’t think you are ever absolutely free of them.

  3. Lovely…….

    • The garden gets better every year.

  4. I love your posts, but I think your Casa Debbio ones are my favourite. I don’t know how you ever drag yourself home to Brisbane from such a beautiful place!

    • Brisbane is pretty lovely too!!!

    • I love my life in Brisbane too, but it is not easy to leave my garden.

  5. It all looks lovely, Deb. Could you send Filippo to Tassie for a few weeks please?

    • I will see if he would like a working holiday on the other side of the world.

  6. The mushrooms are enviable and the garden looks very good for the autumn

    • The mushrooms were delicious!

  7. Looking just beautiful, autum brings its own beauty. Enjoy.

    • I love autumn here in Italy.

  8. Looks just fabulous….you’ll be busy with the pruning …enjoy!! Jxx

    • I started yesterday with some of the plants that didn’t make it. Serious pruning will begin in a month.

  9. I’m completely envious of your life.. as beautiful and as lucky as we are here on the Gold Coast, Australia… it’s my dream to be able to travel between the 2 countries like you do. For now I live through you..

    • I grew up at Main Beach. I love the Gold Coast too.

  10. I was lucky enough to see the Oakleaf Hydrangea in full flower and they were gorgeous – it all looks very beautiful in any season – seems to be a great season for porcini – my mouth is watering !!! Enjoy Deb

    • I almost bought some from the market, but Filippo’s were just picked and fabulous.

  11. The gardens are looking beautiful as always. We have recently been getting memories come up on our Facebook feeds with photos of our wonderful time at Casa Debbio last year. We miss it so much, and hope to return some day when we visit Italy again. Can not recommend your beautiful home highly enough. Enjoy your stay Deb 🤗

    • Casa Debbio would love to have you back one day soon.

  12. I think that’s a place of complete enchantment. Have you read the Cruden Farm Diaries? Your description of walking through the gardens with Filippo made me think of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch and her gardener, Michael Morrison. A garden is such an abiding passion – if you enjoy gardening, that is – and noting the changes and the markers of the seasons is such a pleasure. I know it’s not luck, Deb, but … lucky you.

    • This is my first attempt at a large garden. We are learning along the way and it is great fun. Seeing the results of hard work is very rewarding. I will look for the book.

  13. Amazing..!!! nice pict,

  14. Beautiful as always Debra! So are you back for awhile in Italy?

    • I am here until mid November. I will be preparing the garden for winter.

      • Lovely Debra! Looking forward to more posts. As you know I always love them!

  15. Just stunning!

    • The garden gets bettter every year.

  16. These gardens look so refreshing, they remind me of Himachal region in India 🙂
    Cheers, Charu

    • Thank you. We are happy with the progress in the garden.

  17. It is looking wonderful in the sunshine Deb. You (and Filippo) are doing such an amazing job in creating this beautiful garden.

    • The work has paid off. We love our garden.

  18. Your garden is flourishing beautifully! And those mushrooms look so interesting. I’ve never seen them that colour before.

    • The porcini are delicious this year.

  19. So picturesque Debra .. Love the runner on the table !! I hope to pop in next time I am near or even stay ?

    • Come to visit us next spring.

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