Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 10, 2017

Skogafoss waterfall, Iceland

Skogafoss waterfall is huge! It is also considered one of the most beautiful in Iceland. That is saying something, I think we must have seen dozens of waterfalls on our drive along the south coast alone.

The waterfall is on the river Skoga, which originates from the Eyjafjallajokull glacier and the westernmost part of the Myrdalsjokall glacier. (Did you get those names?  There will be questions later). As the river approaches the edge of the moor, it runs over a layer of hard rock then it rushes down in a 15 metre wide and 62 metre high waterfall.

It is possible to get quite close to the waterfall and get some sense of the power of the rushing water, and get a bit wet.

There are just over 500 steps to take you to the top of the waterfall. They are a bit difficult at the bottom, but get easier as you climb. There are regular platforms where you can stop, admire the view, and catch your breath.

The view from the bottom of the waterfall is more spectacular, but it looks wonderful from the top too.

The white dots on the cliffs are nesting seagulls.

There is farmland beside the waterfall, where sheep graze, oblivious to their gorgeous surroundings.


Yhere is no entry fee to see the waterfall, there is ample parking and a cafe awaits you at the bottom.



  1. What a great experience

    • There is an even better waterfall to come.

  2. So many waterfalls in Iceland means a whole lot of photos!

    • I have taken dozens of photos from the car and we have visited several others.

  3. What a great discovery! But the name of that glacier is simply impossible!

    • I can’t begin to get my head around the pronunciation of the names.

  4. The birds look more like film are than seagulls

  5. Sorry that should read Fulmars, not film

  6. The green of the grass is so lush and beautiful and the waterfall is magnificent it must be doubly impressive as the snow melts.

    • I think spring is a lovely time to be here. It is cold, but the magnificent scenery makes up for it.

  7. Absolutely stunning … I love waterfalls Jxx

  8. Iceland is incredibly beautiful. Plus, the best fish and chips ever! We lived on them, and neither of us typically eat fried foods. Even some gas stations serve up golden meals!

    • We had fabulous lobster last night.

  9. Wow I didn’t realise that you could get so close. That’s amazing!

    • Close enough to get very wet.

  10. What a stunning place to visit!

    • Iceland is spectacular.

      • So I am hearing from a number of people!

  11. Amazing Debra! I remember stopping to see this waterfall too when I went to Iceland in 2009. I never climbed the stair though. Such a beautiful country!

    • We are really enjoying our Iceland visit.

      • Great to hear! I loved it when I went. Can’t wait to read more of your posts and hear all about where you went.

  12. Good luck pronouncing the name of that glacier

    • I have no idea where to start.

  13. Beautiful!

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