Posted by: Debra Kolkka | June 6, 2017

Until next time

It is time to leave Italy and return to Australia.

Time to say goodbye to Casa Debbio. The garden will be in the capable hands of Filippo.

Time to say goodbye to Ponte a Serraglio.

Time to drive past the gorgeous Ponte della Maddalena for the last time (this visit).

I will be back in September for a while to prune the garden and get it ready for winter.

We are not going straight home. We will spend a week in Iceland and a few days in Helsinki before heading for Brisbane. There will be photos.



  1. Yes much as you hate leaving Italy, Brisbane is waiting for you to return. The weather is divine here – blue skies crisp cool mornings and nights . Anyway we are missing you Time to come home.

    • I am ready for some Brisbane time.

  2. Gosh, Debra. Didn’t you just arrive?

    • I arrived in February. Time goes quickly.

  3. Have a safe trip back home!

    • Thank you. I hope we catch up next time.

  4. Sad for you to leave your beautiful garden… but more adventures to be had..!! Enjoy the journey home, I look forward to seeing you soon..Jxx

    • I am keen to see Iceland. I’ll tell you all about it over a sfogliatella.

  5. Safe travels Debra, I enjoyed spending time with you in the Spring, and look forward to more of the same in Autumn. Enjoy your Summer in Brisbane, A 🙂

    • See you after summer.

  6. I love the sign post to Australia and its typical Aussie comment! Italy is so beautiful but I enjoy travelling with you wherever you are in the world – I’m looking forward to Iceland. Happy landings

    • I am hoping for a happy landing in Iceland. We are at Bologna airport now…on our way.

  7. Safe journey

    • Iceland has been on my list for some time. We are now at Bologna airport…on our way.

  8. Safe journey, I’ll look forward to pictures from Iceland, and Helsinki.

    • I am expecting Iceland to be fabulous.

  9. Safe travels. We will be arriving not long after your departure. Sorry we always miss you but happy we can travel with you via your blogs.

    • Have a great time in Italy. We will catch up one day.

  10. Iceland will be a great adventure as there is so much to demand your attention.

    • My son has been and loved it. I am looking forward to our visit.

  11. Missed you yet again.

    • I’ll catch up with you in September.

  12. Missed you this time but there will be many more opportunities . Your updates were inspiring we arrive in Italy in two weeks time. Enjoy Iceland and I look forward to more interesting photographs.

    • I hope to see you next time.

  13. Safe journeys!!

    • Thank you. Going home is good too.

  14. Always so sad when you say goodbye because I have grown so found of Bagni Di Luca from your blog! Yet I look so forward to seeing your photos from Finland and Iceland. 😌

    • It is difficult to say goodbye to Italy, but I know that I will be back soon.

      • I can only imagine Debra. I feel I’ve grown to love it through your blog! Thank you for that gift! 😌

  15. Safe travels Debra; Your Italy (and other places) are Always a Joy;
    may your journey be Blessed.

    • Thank you. We arrived in Iceland at midnight and are now about to head out to discover the delights of Reykjavik.

  16. I can understand your feelings about leaving this fabulous area, your gorgeous apartment and your stunning Casa Debbio. i was so sad to leave and have pangs every time I revisit BdL in my mind.

    • An Iceland adventure is a good way to ease the angst.

  17. That first photo of mist and roses is hauntingly beautiful. Safe travels.

    • I love those misty days at Casa Debbio.

  18. What a beautiful place! I would love to stay in a village like this. Cannot wait to see your photos from Iceland!

    • We rent our mountain house when we are not there, tell all your friends.

  19. Hi Debra, that is a really breathtaking photo of the misty mountains framed by the bright red flowers. Happy and safe travels.

  20. Theses are gorgeous photos… the bridge reminds me of the small town of Dolceaqua, (Northern Italy) where we spent the day.

    • This style of bridge appears often in Italy.

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