Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 16, 2017

Greek island sunsets

People gather each evening to watch the Santorini sunset. We joined a cruise for the afternoon and our boat lined up with all the others to watch the sun go down.

The setting sun cast a pretty light over Oia.

Here is the sunset from Fira.


Our next stop after Santorini was Syros. We stayed in the port town Ermoupolis and were treated to a gorgeous sunset on our second evening.

There were 2 completely different sunrises at Ermoupolis.

Isn’t nature wonderful?


  1. Oh Debra, that is even prettier than I remember – wonderful photos — you would have to be loving Santorini.

    • Santorini is gorgeous. I will return.

  2. The Santorini sunset cruise is a classic that should not be missed. The colors are amazing as your photos show. I a still green with envy 🤢

    • It was a fun afternoon on the water.

  3. I agree with Maria…I too am green with envy. Great photos Deb.

    • I can’t believe I have not been to Greece before this.

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  5. Beautiful place, great photos. Do you pre book before you go? or do you just travel when and where the fancy takes you. Have you found traveling round Greece easy?

    • I booked ahead for everything. The ferry website was a bit tricky, but everything else was OK. Transport in Greece is relatively easy to use. The biggest difficulty is the different alphabet, but people are very helpful and most speak English.

      • Ok thanks.

  6. Exactly! Great photographs. Thank you, Love, nia

    • We were luck with the weather. It is now raining.

      • it is same in here too dear Debra, and the heating system works too 🙂

  7. Wonderful .. Beautiful pictures.I loves this great post.
    John Pellow Brisbane

    • Thank you. It is a beautiful part of the world.

  8. Very beautiful!

    • This was my first time to Greece, but I won’t be my last.

  9. How lovely, such glorious colours – nature is indeed wonderful.

    • Now we are back and in Athens and it is raining. No lovely sunset over the Acropolis.

  10. fabulous sunsets!

  11. I want to be there to experience such beauty.

    • I can certainly recommend Greece.

  12. I had heard how beautiful Santorini was so we
    decided to spend our honeymoon there 17 years ago. I fell in love with its unbelievable beauty and will never forget it. I would love to go back. Beautiful photos Debra.

    • I can understand why Santorini would be a choice for a honeymoon. It is gorgeous. We went to the Maldives, also wonderful. I would like to go back there too.

      • I have always wanted to go to the Maldives and want to of course go back to Greece! I will never forget sitting on the terrace staring at the caldera in Santorini and dreaming of our future life together. At the time I was in a business career and hated it. I dreamed of being a writer and fast forward 17 years and I am writing!

      • If you want the perfect coral island go to the Maldives!

      • Someday Debra I will have to make it there! It looks so gorgeous.

  13. Yes, Nature is wonderful, Deb, thrilling us with its marvels and brilliance. I love your photos of of the different sunsets and the stunning whitewashed homes with their blue roofs and spindly windmills huddled on the rocky mountainsides. Nature and man made structures side by side make this part of the world a fascinating place to admire and explore. Thank you for sharing the marvels of your travels with us!

    • We have loved our time in Greece…back to Bagni di Lucca tomorrow.

  14. Oh what a lovely place and beautifully captured sunset — loved it —

  15. Oh my my …. wonderful skies! …. Hi Debra.

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