Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 13, 2017

Santorini white

The first thing that hit me on arrival in Santorini is the dazzling white of the buildings shining under the brilliant blue sky. No wonder the Greek flag is blue and white.

Here are a few examples.

I will never look at white again without thinking of Santorini.

There will be more posts about our impressions of Fira and Oia on Santorini.


  1. as I expected from you, spectacular shots, looks like good weather for you

    • The weather has been great. We are on our way to Syros and it is overcast today. I am hoping for blue sky later.

    • Have you been happy with your accommodation so far?

      • Yes, we have. We might choose other options next time, but all have been good.

  2. Great photos Debra –

    • It would be difficult to take a bad one on Santorini

  3. Certainly need your sunnies there, wonderful sight.

    • Unfortunately mine fell in the water when we were on a boat the other day.

  4. I adored Santorini, I remember a hair raising donkey ride up the zig-zag track from the harbour to the town. I was a lot younger then.

    • We walked down to the port and took the cable car back. I have seen how donkeys behave.

  5. So so beautiful. Would love to hear your accommodation recommendations.

    • I have sent you an email with some suggestions.

  6. Bella, bella….cannot wait to see more pictures of your journey. We are back home.

    • It is going to take some time to organise all the photos. The posts will appear over time.

  7. It’s just stunning – the colours, despite being predominantly white, are intersected by the architectural lines and shadows which make it just – stunning!

    • Santorini is stunning.

  8. Somehow the white just seems right for the contrasts on the island. It is one of the favourite memories from our Mediterranean cruise.

    • I’m not surprised you liked Santorini.

  9. Ohh looks so nice! We are off to bologna tomorrow! Can’t wait to try their famous ragu.

    • I love Bologna! Mangia, mangia.

  10. Santorini has a special light, possibly created by that blue and white contrast plus the sunshine and you have captured it in your photos, which are great!

    • It is a stunning place, we loved it.

  11. Thanks for continuing to share your amazing adventures with us! Are those contraptions attached to the cylindrical shaped building some sort of windmills?

    • I think they must have been at some point. We have see a few of them around the islands.

  12. Beautiful scenes!

    • Santorini is a magical place.

  13. Another stunning post – seems almost unreal! Had to wear my shades to view it – always grateful that you share your travels, you gifted photographer you! Grazie.

    • It does seem like a bit of a fantasy…too beautiful to be real.

  14. So beautiful, I am hoping to visit Santorini this summer!

    • It is stunning, but as much as I loved it I would not go anywhere near it in summer. Right now in May it is hot and crowded. It must be a nightmare in summer. The tiny streets are crammed with people, the roads are narrow and packed with cars. I would definitely go early or late in the season. Every day huge cruise ships send thousands of people to the tiny towns…beware.

  15. Stunning. Nice to wake up to this, even if just photos. Jealous.

    • It is an amazing place.

  16. Fabulous pictures !
    How is it kept so white!??

    • Guess they keep painting it. We saw several places being touched up with paint.

  17. I can see why so many people get married there. Those colours are stunning! 😀

    • We saw a couple of weddings.

  18. Simply stunning…. hope to visit one day!!!!

    • Santorini is fabulous. Go in spring.

  19. Spectacular…!!! It is an amazingly beautiful built environment. So clever the Greeks ..Jxx

    • We loved Greece…on our way back to BdL now.

  20. White blended with blue what a view… amazing pictures…

    • It is a stunning place.

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