Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 24, 2017

Flowers at Casa Debbio

Despite a recent cool change, spring is bringing changes at Casa Debbio. Everyday something new appears. Daffodils and cherry blossoms have gone and now we have a steady stream of new loveliness.

Our ginestra, broom, has put on a spectacular show and is now on the way out.

Some wisteria has bloomed and some is still to open.

I now have 55 peonies. A few have bloomed but many are still to appear.

Ants love the sticky flowers buds and are very busy right now.

I spotted some furry bugs burrowing into the centre of the peonies. They seemed to roll about covering themselves in pollen before flying off in a drunken daze.

Bees love my peonies too.

When the peony flowers are finished these interesting bits are left.

Lilac has bloomed.

The creamy white pom-poms on the ricotta bush are looking fabulous.

Tiny aquilegias are blooming everywhere.

Violets are scattered all over the garden.

Bleeding hearts surprised me with an appearance.

The fig trees are laden with tiny fruit. I hope some ripen before we leave. No doubt our guests will enjoy them this summer, along with the cherries and raspberries.

Wild daisies are growing on the slopes between the terraces.

The garden is growing well, but we need some rain, then some sun. We had some warm weather early, but cool days have returned.

It is a joy to walk out every morning to see the new growth.

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  1. OMG…..spectacular…cannot wait to see Casa Debbio in person on Thursday….all your hard work has certainly paid off…..

    • I hope we get a fine day.

  2. Oh Deb, the gardens are looking beautiful. It’s a shame we weren’t there to see the gardens in full bloom. We will definitely need to return one day. Enjoy while you’re there.

    • You must come back. The garden will get better each year.

  3. What a difference a month makes! Your garden is embracing the Spring just beautifully, each morning must be a wonderful surprise, enjoy.

    • It is incredible how quickly things grow once they start.

  4. The gardens are looking really beautiful….well worth all the hard work you have done to get it to this stage. I hope you get to enjoy it for a while longer yet. How lucky are your guests who have already booked!

    • We have about 6 weeks left. Our guests will get to eat our fabulous tomatoes and maybe some strawberries if the grubs don’t eat them.

  5. It’s so lovely, Deb. I love the remnants of the peony flowers – they look like tiny birds.

    • They have dried up a bit now and look like crowns.

  6. Beautiful! The flowers around here have really been stunning, too!

  7. A wonderful garden, full of color and shapes. All your efforts have been worthwhile. Congratulations!

    • It does make all the hard work worthwhile when these beautiful things happen.

  8. I can just smell the wisteria! Everything is lovely. I imagine you’ll be serving many gorgeous meals outside, enjoying the lovely view.

    • It is a bit cool just now for lunch outside, but it will happen soon. Are you coming over?

  9. Spring brings with it such beauty, and I marvel at all that comes to life again after resting through the winter.

    • It is amazing that watch a tiny bud appear through the ground and in a few weeks a beautiful peony appears as if by magic.

  10. So very very spectacular…I am especially fond of the wisteria. Gorgeous photos, Debra.

    • It looks quite different from when you saw it in autumn. That is a beautiful season too, but watching the plants grow in spring is magical.

  11. It’s like walking through a beautiful botanical garden, thank you for sharing. As I heard from my friend staying in Mercatale, Tuscany, there is rain coming to you on Wednesday. Happy rain for your “beauties” !

    • It absolutely poured today. Our garden will be thrilled.

  12. It looks so marvellous, like a mountain garden of Eden. I can almost smell the wisteria! Lots of hard work has paid off.

    • The wisteria smells divine and so does the lavender even without the flowers.

  13. The garden looks amazing Deb .. well done !!! What a fabulous creative setting… the wisteria must remind you of the jacarandas..? Jxx

    • Wisteria is a bit like Jacarandas. The colour is the same and they both smell wonderful.

  14. Debra just amazing love seeing your gardens and the beautiful flowers that you picked out at the garden fair in Lucca beautifully planted in your lovely gardens.


    • We buy things there each year and they all seem that be happy here.

  15. Wow Debra, you are a true master at putting together gorgeous galleries! I can’t imagine having a garden like yours. Simply stunning!

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