Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 30, 2016

Pruning the lavender

I have been busy this week pruning the lavender and other plants at Casa Debbio.

Despite the hot, dry summer our lavender plants thrived, thanks to the loving care of Filippo who takes care of our garden when we go home to Australia.

Here is how our garden looked in early spring.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

As the weather warmed up it began to grow quickly.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Just before we left in June flowers began to turn purple…I always miss seeing it in full bloom.

Casa Debbio

When I returned in September the flowers had lost their colour.

Casa Debbio

I felt terrible cutting the flowers off. So much effort went in to growing them, but if I don’t prune the bushes they grow too big and get a bit straggly.

This is what I cut from 2 plants. The house is now full of lavender.

Casa Debbio

Here is the wall half way through the trimming. There are rosemary plants between the lavender. They need to be trimmed too.

Casa Debbio

…and here is the finished result.

Casa Debbio

We have almost 200 lavender plants over 2 terraces. Next year we will plant them along the driveway as well…roll on spring 2017.



  1. Beautiful!!! Great job!!! Your garden is exceptional!!!

    • We are very happy with the way the garden is progressing…even better next year.

  2. The garden is looking great. But you are going to have to figure out what to do with so many lavender cuttings….

    • I know. I threw most of it away.

  3. Looks wonderful! Just as well you enjoy gardening. Is the lavender the edible variety? I can see a range of exclusive Casa Debbio lavender products.

    • I do enjoy my garden, but my hands are a bit worn out right now.

  4. What an incredible garden, I can only imagine the aromas during the seasons!

    • It is divine. It is gorgeous in spring when my peonies are in flower.

      • Oh! I love Peonies! I used to have so many of them in my backyard and side yard before I got married. I miss them! When we get our farm I want a lot more flowers 🙂 Jen

  5. I have just three lavender plants – it. Just take a long time to prune two hundred. Your garden looks lovely.

    • The smaller, newer plants are quite quick. It is really just cutting the flowers off, but the older ones are a bit tough and I need to cut them back a fair bit.

  6. Great job, Deb! How beautiful your Italian garden is looking!!

    • It looks amazing in spring. Now it is dying off for the winter.

  7. Your garden is looking spectacular! Well done

    • Thanks, we love it.

  8. Wow, beautiful garden – must smell great, too!

    • It does. I like to walk through the plants early in the morning to take it all in.

  9. Love your garden and yes the planning and hard work from you and Filippo shows. Hope you can bring me a tiny snippet of the lavender – one of my favourites. Looking forward to seeing you next week at home.

    • Customs might get me if I do that.

  10. Hi Deb I am wondering if you have mixed varieties as some seem to be a different colour leaf. They would be lovely when totally out in flower. Maybe one year you could change the time of your stay for that. 🙂
    It’s all looking great as is my garden here in spring in Sydney. I’ve just pulled my lavender out after flowering. I love it as do the bees but it’s been a bit damp and they don’t do well in my garden. Enjoy your garden. Maree

    • The lavender along the rock wall is alternated with rosemary, which is why you see different colours. We have other types of lavender, but the hardy Italian lavender is the one that does the best here at Casa Debbio.

  11. With that many plants Deb you will be able to go into lavender production of some sort. The garden is looking fantastic.

    • The garden is amazing, especially when you consider that the whole place was covered in brambles 4 years ago.

  12. How beautiful. I’m hoping to spend my retirement years living between Italy and Australia and this is just the incentive I need to make it happen.

    • That’s what I do, 6 months in Australia and 6 in Italy. It works well.

  13. Ummmmmmm….that’s a lot of lavender.

    • Yes, I must find something to do with it.

  14. Your garden there is looking so beautiful! Your hard work has paid off. Am amazed at how quickly everything grew.

    • We are too. This spring was very wet, which gave things a good start.

  15. Picture perfect

    • Casa Debbio is in a very beautiful setting.

  16. What a beautiful garden!

    • Thank you. Just 4 years ago the entire area was covered in brambles.

  17. We miss Casa Debbio very much, and thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. Your garden is amazing, and we saw just how much work has been put into it. Enjoy the gardening, and safe trip on your return to Oz.

    • I hope you come back by one day. Come in spread Ng when everything is green and gorgeous and my peonies are in flower. I planted 6 new ones last week.

      • We are hoping too. Till then I’ll enjoy reading your blog and watching the how your garden develops.

  18. What a lot of work! But the wonderful fragrance must have helped keep you energized as you worked. If I were still there, I would have gladly taken some of that lavender off your hands to scent up Apt. Tosca 😄

    • It kept me busy for a few days, but the gorgeous smell makes up for the hard work.

  19. So looking forward to seeing the garden in a few months time

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  21. I can just about smell it Debra😁

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