Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 1, 2016

Goodbye Italy

It is time to go back to Australia for a while. I will miss Bagni di Lucca for obvious reasons.

Ponte a Serraglio

I wonder if my purple flowers will survive the winter on my balcony.

My balcony Ponte a Serraglio

I will miss the mountains in the mist and the gorgeous autumn colour.

Prato Fiorito

Prato Fiorito

…and I will miss Casa Debbio.

Here is the view from the house on my last morning.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

Today I begin the long haul home. I will stay in Rome tonight, fly to Helsinki for a couple of days and arrive in Brisbane on Saturday.

I will be back in February to get back into the garden for the next stage of planting…and some new adventures.


  1. Safe journey….

    • Thank you. I wish Australia was a bit closer to Italy.

    • Thanks for sharing w me all the beauty of your trips in Italy.
      Have a wonderful time back to Australia & a blessed month of November. Tchau Tchau

      • I love to share our little bit of Italy. Thank you for your good wishes.

  2. Oh Debbie it is so beautiful I don’t know how you can leave!’ But the good thing is we will renew our old friendship! I loved your last two posts.. interesting travels and good gardening !!
    Travel well old friend and I look forward to seeing you post jet lag!! Jxx

    • See you soon. I don’t get jet lag, I don’t allow it.

  3. Have a safe trip home!

    • Thank you. It will be nice to be home for a while.

  4. Have a safe trip back home and I hope that we will meet in Bagni next year.

    • I look forward to it.

  5. Enjoy the trip home Deb….love the photos.

    • It is such a long way!

  6. I don’t know how you can bear to leave! Wishing you a safe journey.

    • It is nit easy, but good things await at home…mangoes!

  7. Safe trip! And what a wonderful set of images you have given us in this post….

    • Autumn is a beautiful time to be in the mountains.

  8. Safe travels Debra. Love all of your photos. Thanks for sharing the fall color

    • It has been an interesting trip. Now it is time to do Australian things.

  9. Welcome back – safe travels

    • I’m looking forward to being home for a while.

  10. Bon voyage Debra, and safe return…

    • Thank you. I am already planning my next trip to Italy.

  11. Lovely images Debra, makes us homesick for Bagni di Lucca. The garden at Casa Debbio is flourishing.

    • Bagni di Lucca is looking lovely right now. The garden is going to be even better next year.

  12. Have a fab trip. Perhaps new flowers are in order for your return after winter;)

    • I am planning to plant another couple of rows of lavender and some more pomegranate trees.

  13. Safe travels home, Debra.

    • Thank you. I have just arrived in Rome and I am about to go for a walk.

  14. I don’t allow jet lag either Deb. Safe travels home

    • It is a long way, but I stop at great places along the way.

  15. Amazing photos

    • Our mountains are very beautiful.

  16. Lovely photos and autumn colors. Have you thought of writing a book? I really think you should if you haven’t yet. Safe travels. xo

    • I might write one about making our garden one day.

      • I will be your first buyer 🙂

  17. You lead SUCH a charmed Life Ms. Debra; thank you sincerely for inviting us to share all the best bits!! I derive such pleasure from ALL that you include us in….’gifts’ with no birthdays. Safe journey.

    • I only talk about the good bits, but I do have an interesting life.

  18. Brisbane is not such a bad place. We realky enjoyed being there sevveral years ago. But not much compares to the Lucca area…

    • I love Brisbane. I am happy to be going home.

  19. That sure went quickly! Have a safe trip home and a wonderful holiday season.

    • Time goes too quickly. Thank you for your good wishes.

  20. I don’t know how you come back to Brisbane for our very hot and humid summer months. I think I would like to go down to the Amalfi coast instead!

    • I will be returning to Italy early in the new year. I don’t like Brisbane summer, but I find it OK until about Christmas. The Amalfi Coast just about closes down in the winter. I would avoid the summer in Brisbane entirely if I could, but for several reasons it is not possible.

  21. Love the umbrella image! Is that an annual event?

    • It is the first time this has happened. It was very effective. I did a post on Bella Bagni di Lucca a while ago.

  22. Italy is so beautiful, you pictures have captured it so nicely 🙂

  23. Wow what gorgeous pictures! I wish I would’ve done this town when I was in Italy last summer!

  24. Stunning photos!

    • Thank you, I have a great subject.

  25. The end of an adventure is always a little melancholic, but at least that means you’ll get to start a new one! 🙂

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