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Lovers’ walk

Bagni di Lucca was very popular with English visitors in the early to mid 1800s. There was a walkway along the river where couples liked to stroll in the evening. One of these couples was Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, who visited Bagni di Lucca in 1849, 1853 and 1857.

Recently part of the riverside walk has been brought back to life and dedicated to this poetic pair.

the walkway in winter

looking towards the bridge

spring comes to lovers walk

the bridge in La Villa

the walkway

the Lima river from the path

flowers growing in the wall

take the time to walk along the path

Look for the sign on the way to La Villa, near Conad ( supermarket).

look for the sign


  1. I have walked there Debra. I loved it!
    Big hug!

    • Next time – not too far away.

  2. Beautiful place for a quiet moment.

    Since you seem to know your plants, can you help with identifying this flower? See:

    • It looks a bit like a clematis, but I don’t know about the spikes.

      • Thanks for taking a look. That was one of my possibles too, but the spikes don’t fit.

  3. Yes, I remember that walk-way but didn’t realise it was called Lovers’ Walk. I thought it was a pretty walk. There were some little nooks and crannies to explore. I can imagine the Barret-Brownings falling under the spell of this beautiful place. You’ve caught the sparkle of the river and the jaunty little daisies.

    • I try to walk there as often as I can. It needs a bit of attention, but hopefully more people will use it coming into summer.

  4. I’m always interested in the cultural connections. Puccini is associated with Bagni di Lucca too, I believe, and was Byron ever there? I know he was in Pisa for a while.

    • Puccini was born in Lucca. I had lunch today in the little Piazza near the house where he was born. He played at the theatre in Bagni di Lucca and probably the casino. Byron and Shelley were both in Bagni di Lucca at some stage. It was quite popular in its heyday.

  5. What a delightful place! I’ll certainly include this place on my next trip in september…

    • You should, it is lovely to walk beside the river.

  6. Delightful… that’s a good word for this!

    • It is a good name I think.

      • When your with that someone special everywhere in Bagni di Lucca is lovers walk

      • That’s true, just walking through the lovely old trees in the mountains is pretty good.

  7. I think that flower is ‘Love in a Mist’ or ‘Nigella’. What a lovely word ‘passegiata’ is – I take it to mean rather more ‘stroll’ than don your lycra athletic-type outfit and joggers and hoof it. Strolling gives one time to reflect and meditate – there should be more of it.

    • It is strolling with a view to seeing and being seen – preferrably not in lycra. Thanks for the flower tip. I will pass it on.

  8. Beautiful, no wonder its a lovers walk 🙂

    • Not too many people use just yet. I’m sure it will be busy in summer.

  9. Oh it does look so terribly romantic, Deb!!

    • It is lovely to walk beside the river in any season, but particularly now in spring.

  10. Now that looks like a great place to walk on a summers evening after a nice meal to help the food go down and come back the next morning with a fly rod to catch some fresh trout for lunch. Hmmmmm the fly rod is comming with me I tell you and so are the walking shoes as I can see I will be doing a lot of walking there in the future. Only 3 weeks to go……

    • There are trout in the river. You need a permit to catch the fish, but I don’t think it is hard to get one. There are lots of great places to walk here.

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  12. Bagni di Lucca is a place of dreams. About six years ago we drove across the Lima River into Bagni di Lucca and stopped for a delightful riverside lunch at Vaniccio’s. We fell utterly in love with Bagni di Lucca and ended up buying an old farm cottage in one of the many quaint surrounding mountain villages. We now stay there for three glorious, peaceful and adventurous months every year.

    • Perhaps I will see you there this year.

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