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Palazzo Davanzati – a house in Florence

Palazzo Davanzati is a 14th century Florentine house which is open to the public. I go often when I am in Florence. I am usually showing visitors, but I go when I am alone as well. I love it.


the very impressive crest on the front of the building


the lock on the front door

the steps leading up from the internal courtyard

The house has had lots of owners over the centuries, who have all left their mark. A good deal of effort has been applied to make the house look as authenic as possible. The rooms are decorated as they might have been in the 15th and 16th centuries. I love the decoration on the walls and the furniture and details that show how people, wealthy ones anyway, lived centuries ago.


the parrot room

The living room is called the pappagallo, or parrot room, because of the birds decorating the walls. I love it. I could spend hours looking at the detail.

a cupboard in the wall

You can see the tiny birds painted in the patterns on the wall.


one of the bedrooms

a baby's cot

decoration on the doorway

a simple bathroom

There is another bedroom on the next floor with different decoration and an unusual style of fireplace.

the decoration on the upstairs bedroom wall

the fireplace in the bedroom

the ensuite off the bedroom

Thos bathroom was bigger and the opening at the back would probably have allowed a servant to fill the bath without entering the bedroom.


the toilet

There are a few toilets in the house.  They are fairly basic arrangements consisting of a tube which probably emptied into the street.


elaborate detail everywhere

There is a room on the first floor with examples of hand made lace and some clothing pieces from past times. There are simple looms and the equipment for bobbin lace. It must have taken hundreds of hours to make some of the pieces that people wore.


beautiful examples of hand made lace

Palazzo Davanzati is in Via Porta Rossa, 9. It is open most weekday mornings until 1.00pm. It only costs 2 euro to see this wonderful house and museum – worth every cent.




















    I love walking up to the top of the hill overlooking all of Florence. there is so much to do there i never get bored in Florence. You see something new evertime and so easy to get around. great exercise. Have fun. George.

    • I have been to Florence dozens of times and I am never bored. I imagine I will be there a lot more – starting with next week.

  2. Exquisite! I’m always amazed at these old houses…there’s something so cold about them. All that space and the hard surfaces…I’ll definitely go see it the next time I’m there.

    • This one is quite lovely. I have only seen 3 floors. If you book ahead you can go to the other floors.

  3. How fabulous and I too, love the Parrot room. This is on the to do list and thanks for the tips always. I want to tell the world that people who read your blog should really follow your tips. It does save time and you can always rely on your information. Thanks Deb.

    • We will go together when you come in April – I can’t wait. Lukas is very clever. I will get him to give me some tips when he comes.

  4. PS Lukas taught me how to add the photo!

  5. Wow that is something else! The detail looks exquisite. One could spend hours there I am sure. I hope I shall one day.

    • There is certainly plenty to look at in the house – you could spend hours there.

  6. I have never been to this house Deb in all the times I have visited Florence. I will make sure it is on my list for the next trip to Firenza. Grazie tanti per le foto belle.

    • You would love it! I went to Paris Boheme the other day and the boys asked about you. They took some time off last month, but are back to work now.

  7. Debra, those walls are fabulous, I will have to visit it next trip. The ensuite shield pattern, very original.

    • They are incredible aren’t they. I always want to go home and decorate my walls.

  8. This place looks wonderful., love those little birds in the wall paper. Are all the birds different or does the pattern reproduce itself? Awesome peek into another time huh.

    • The walls would have been hand painted, so there would be variations. I haven’t checked from one end of the room to the other to see if the birds are the same all over – a project for next time.

  9. Great post about a place I had no idea about. Will it be okay to attach a link to this to my Florence page?

    • Of course you can. It is a great place to visit in Florence.

  10. What an amazing glimpse into times past! I found the baby’s cot really interesting-so different to what we see today!

    • I am particularly impressed by the bathrooms. This must have been very luxurious in its day.

  11. The decorations on the walls alone are so incredibly detailed – wow.

    • The rooms are quite big – bigger than they look in the photos – and quite grand.

  12. I definitely want to visit this house-thanks for letting us know about it.

    • I’m sure you and your friends will love it.

  13. I love the details! It is amazing all the work that went in to decorating every square inch so carefully with paint! But that house looks like such a fascinating visit! Both for the historical and artistic value. 🙂

    • I have visited several times and always find something new and fascinating.

  14. That’s truly ancient toilet! 😆

    interesting… I am thinking how simple our oldest toilet???

    • It would have been a bit unfortunate for anyone walking in the street below.

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  16. Adding this to the list!!!!

    • It has strange opening hours, but it seems to be open most mornings except Mondays.

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