Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 30, 2016

Progress at Casa Debbio

We were very happy to return from Sicily to find spring has been doing good things at Casa Debbio. Our plants are growing well and the garden is really taking shape.

Casa Debbio

The Italian lavender is growing like mad and I expect it to start producing flowers soon.

Casa Debbio

Some of the other types already have their flowers.

Casa Debbio

My tree peony that grew one magnificent flower last year has 7 blooms this year, and its neighbour grew 2 beautiful flowers.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

The one that produced 22 flowers has more than 30 buds so far.

Casa Debbio

Hydrangeas are doing well and a couple already have small flowers.

Casa Debbio

Our wisteria is thriving. Some plants have already had their flowers and are now growing leaves.

Casa Debbio

One has unusual flowers.

Casa Debbio

This pretty bush (I can’t remember the name) has creamy white flowers.

Casa Debbio

The 2 lilacs have flowers.

Casa Debbio

The ginestre has gone nuts, and smells delicious.

Casa Debbio

Wild daisies have appeared everywhere.

Casa Debbio

There are violets and irises.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

We will have lots of raspberries, strawberries and figs this year.

The cherry tree is covered in tiny fruit.

Casa Debbio

Our frog fountain is delivering water from the spring.

Casa Debbio

Best of all, we have a new pergola! Filippo and Vittorio finished it while we were away. It looks a bit stark right now, and we will have to put a bamboo cover on top this year to provide shade, because the wisteria won’t cover it for a while.

Casa Debbio

I found some 100 year old concrete tiles to mix with the terra cotta for the floor. I think they look great.

Casa Debbio

Filippo did a great job while we were away, taking care of everything. He has also planted tomatoes, which will ready in a couple of months and has mowed all the grass.

Soon the terra cotta table will be in place…and we can get on with the weeding, fertilising and a bit more planting…what fun.

Casa Debbio is available for rent this summer. We still have a few weeks free in July and August…tell your friends


  1. It is amazing to realize to realize what a difference a full year can do and the garden looks great.
    If you need an easy plant that grows practically anywhere have a look at Nandina
    It was recommended to me at the Garden Centre in Fornacci di Barga. After 8 years I have 4 very healthy plants that grow very well and need little or no care. Even in the few occasions when we have a very cold winter, they may loose a bit of foliage, which regrows immediately as soon as spring comes.

    • We started from scratch. The whole property was covered with brambles. It is great to see how much can be achieved in a few years…with a lot of hard work.

  2. Seriously gorgeous, and the pergola is perfect! All the pots look so nice with their vibrant inhabitants.

    • Come up soon to see it in the flesh.

  3. I assume one would need a car to stay at your place??

    • Yes, the house is in the mountains. There is a bus to the village, but only a couple of times a day. You really need a car to see the area.

  4. Looking just beautiful, just sit for a moment and enjoy your work.

    • We plan to do that over the next few weeks…along with the weeding.

  5. Congratulations – the garden looks amazing. I must come back and see it in the flesh – having first seen it before it existed!!!

    • You wouldn’t know it now.

  6. Everything looks beautiful. I cannot wait to see it all.

    • With a bit of luck there will be some more peonies out soon.

  7. Beautiful and what a view!

    • The view is spectacular.

  8. It all looks fantastic. I think the bush with the creamy white flowers is a Viburnum opulus ‘Roseum’ – Snowball Tree. We have one here that flowers in spring and is gorgeous.

    • Thank you, we have 3 and they are all doing well.

  9. Your visions have all come to fruition and how gorgeous it looks…..spectacular is a better word. I will dream about how it looks next spring when we will see it in real life. By the way the bottle of rosso was fabulous…..Grazie Mille again…..ciao

    • It will be even better next year.

  10. Can’t wait to see it – be there sooooon

    • …lunch on the terrace.

  11. Your lace is just beautiful. Verdant doesn’t begin to cover it.

    • It is incredible to watch the garden come to life afte winter.

  12. Wow, wow and wow. Very beautiful.

    • It’s getting better every year.

  13. What a fantastic place you have, I would love to stay one day

    • Let me know if you want to visit and I will give you all the details. You can see the inside of the house if you look at the top of the page at Rent our mountain house.

      • Love Italy so much,our last 3 holidays from England have been to Lake Garda,Sorrento and Venice. Could you please give details for a possible break in Sept this year.

      • I just tried to send you an email with details but it bounced back. Can you send me an email to

  14. Such colourful, beautiful blossoms Debra!! 😀

    • I love my garden! When I get up I immediately go outside to see what has changed.

  15. O Deb. Your garden is a paradise. It was all rubble and workmen when we saw it together, do you remember? 🙂

    • I remember it well. You need to come back to see how it looks now.

      • 👌🏼😉

  16. Looks great Deb. You are a good photographer. Did the purple Hebe we gave you last fall survive the winter? They can be fragil.

    • Yes, it did, thank you. It is planted against the old wall beside a peony. I will take a photo when it flowers. There seem to be buds on it.

      • Yeah. You just never know for sure. Please do send pics.

  17. Wow looks absolutely stunning Debra!

    • The garden is coming along very nicely. We can see a big difference this year.

  18. Debra, I love your home 🙂 I want to visit it someday. Maybe next year.

    • Let me know when you would like to come.

  19. How absolutely lovely…your gardens are progressing so well. I can just imagine how nice it would be to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

    • It is great to see things start to take shape. We can see a big difference this spring.

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