Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 2, 2016

Spring windows in Florence

I went to Florence the other day. It was wet and miserable, but great anyway, Florence always is.

As usual, spring fashions appear in the shops long before the weather is suitable to wear them. It is lovely to see the bright colours and fresh styles…come for a little walk.

My favourite designers right now are Dolce & Gabbana. Their styles are fun and colourful and draw very clearly on their Italian heritage.

Dolce & Gabbana 2016

Dolce & Gabbana 2016

These are for little girls.

Dolce & Gabbana 2016

Moschino is also fun, but I’m not sure about the cigarette box as a handbag.

Moschino 2016

I prefer this one.

Moschino 2016

Moschino 2016

Prada has some interesting necklines.

Prada 2016

…and shoes.

I like the sleeves in this Celine dress.

Celine 2016

Emelio Pucci is a little subdued this season.

Pucci 2016

Pucci 2016

Max Mara has some lovely coats which could be worn right now.

Max Mara 2016

There is also a nautical theme.

Max Mara 2016

Max &Co has clashing prints.

Here is the Burberry window.

Burberry 2016


Fendi 2016

These are some random shots of pretty windows.

Last of all beautiful Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta

I can’t leave Florence without showing you the Ponte Vecchio on a wet winter day.

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio





  1. How gorgeous and inspiring…….Love it. Wish I could have been with you!

    • Florence is always fun. I love some of the new designs.

  2. I love those Dolce and Gabbana colours. Great photos

    • D&G is especially colourful this year, I love it.

  3. Ahhhh Firenze is wonderful on any day. Beautiful fashions. Thanks for sharing.

    • I never tire of visiting Florence, especially in winter without the crowds.

  4. I want the blue D&G sandals. Wow, I love the pictures. When i was in Rome in November it was all ponchos, boots and puffer jackets. The spring fashion is so exciting, It makes me want to get my self back there soon!

    • I like the sandals too. I bought some red ones last year and I love them.

  5. Gorgeous! Did you buy yourself something nice for your birthday?

    • I didn’t, but I have something in mind.

  6. Loved seeing these Italian designer fashions Debra. Thank you !!!

    • Spring fashions are fun.

  7. Love the white Fendi blouse! And the Ponte Vecchio is magic… In any kind of weather. Great photos!

    • Fendi does a great job, the blouse is beautiful.

  8. Lovely things, some of them have a 60s/70s flavour and I really like the Celine dress, it makes me think of, I think, Victorian style? Love the handbags but not the cigarette box. I love winter skies. Right now I am looking at morning sun on freshly washed trees because we have had some rain – which looks lovely – but I am longing for a hint of chill in the morning air.

    • I think you have the rest of March to go before it cools off in Brisbane, which is why I am in Italy.

  9. Love the D&G – great colours

    • You can certainly see their Italian roots.

  10. Very cheerful colours to see on a winters day.

    • We need some spring weather now to go with the clothes.

  11. Amazing windows, Debra. I would love a bit of Italian retail therapy. 🙂

  12. sharing on my FB page — thank you for the virtual shopping trip!

  13. That time of year

    • Spring is fun.

      • I think Dalat is spring all year round

  14. Beautiful colorful clothes! Thanks for bringing us along. 😌

    • Aren’t they lovely?

  15. There’s something always special I love about Max Mara!

    • I think so too. Their styles are very wearable.

  16. I love the colours of those D&G gear and those sunglasses are super cool, but I’d never be able to pull them off. Moschino’s cigarette box handbag is definitely a no-no, very uncool!


    • I don’t know what Moschino was thinking with that handbag.

  17. Love looking in the windows (Max Mara!) especially as I know I will never set foot in one of those designer shops. For fear of actually buying something.

    • Max Mara is not all that expensive and the clothes are beautifully made.

  18. Gorgeous colors! Puts me in a shopping mood…I especially love those shoes.

    • There is lots to love in Florence right now.

  19. No more pages in My cheque book!

    • What a pity Francis, you would look fetching in the D&G sunglasses.

  20. Window shopping in Florence is so much fun, it must be nice to see the bright colours of Spring popping up 🙂

    • I hope the spring weather will be with us soon.

  21. I have a photo of the Ponte Vecchio hanging on my wall. I took another look at it when I saw your photo above. It looks like they’ve made the windows above the arches larger. In my photo they are small squares.
    Welcome Spring!

    • The windows look new.

  22. Beautiful colors!

  23. Such a great and thorough posting! Thanks for the visuals.

    • Thank you. I had fun collecting the photos.

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