Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 27, 2016

Vergemoli and Casa Debbio

It wasn’t raining yesterday so I went up the mountain to Vergemoli. It looks out over a winter landscape.


Casa Debbio is more than 600 metres above sea level, so the garden is a little behind Ponte a Serraglio. A few daffodils are out, but most are still on the way.

Casa Debbio


Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

This might not look very exciting to you, but I am thrilled to see one of my peonies starting to shoot.

Casa Debbio

The tree peonies are a little further ahead. I can see new leaves and one even has flower buds. I really can’t wait to see these babies grow.

Casa Debbio

The weeping cherry has buds.

Casa Debbio

The magnolia is covered in flower buds.

Casa Debbio

Casa Debbio

All of my hydrangeas are starting to bloom, the roses have new leaves, the lavender is sitting quietly waiting for some warm sun. It is difficult to believe that this will all be green in a few weeks.

Casa Debbio

The cherry, hazelnut and chestnut trees will have blossoms and leaves any minute now.

Casa Debbio

I have found some great things for the garden. Spring plants are just beginning to appear in the nurseries, so that will have to wait a few weeks, but at nearby Alberigi I have spotted a pair of marble columns that would look at home in the garden and a terracotta oven that looks amazing. I think they need to be mine. I will show you when they are in place.


  1. Yes to the terracotta oven for the garden – would be quite at home there. love seeing all the photos of the buds and life starting to burst forth again after the winter. We want to see the peonies as soon as they flower as they will be just gorgeous.
    Looks cool there – lucky you as we are still sweltering on the east coast of Australia from Melbourne, right to the top.

    • The oven is gorgeous, not all that useful, but it going to look great with a tub of geraniums spilling over it.

  2. Winter has been quite mild but there is a big storm coming from the North Atlantic and these tend to move towards Italy. Temperatures are likely to drop… So I will wait until late March or early April to plant annuals…. I hope that the peonies will not be damaged.

    • I won’t be planting for a few weeks. There is nothing much in the nurseries yet, except pansies. We have rain again today and it is expected for the next few days. I am longing to see my plants grow.

  3. Hello, Nice to see the flowers coming on.  Here in Padova, we are waiting.  I did see a lizard two days ago, but then it got cold again.  Maybe next week..  great photos.Dave Lester

    • It is always fun to watch spring appear. I love Padova, I really enjoyed my visit there last autumn and long to return.

  4. All looks like doing well and it’s only just getting into spring.. Enjoy the cool days it’s just disgusting here.

    • I am loving the cold weather. I could do without today’s heavy rain.

  5. Love the first signs of spring pictures, Deb. My magnolia’s stems looked like in January this year with our crazy on winter/off winter temps I just felt the need to pick a few branches along with. Pussy willow and forthysia stems and place in an arrangement……low and behold all three bloomed over a course on a month… on our few snowy days I really felt spring was in the air. Just finishing our fabulous week in Rome……weather perfecto all seven days. Se you on ischia in April.

    • You were lucky with the weather. It is bucketing down here.

  6. Ahhh so beautiful. It has quite a mystic look to it. It is all getting ready to jump out of the ground in the next few weeks.

    • It does look lovely in winter, but spring is glorious.

  7. Love that first picture with the crimson clouds!

    • Vergemoli is very pretty.

  8. I remember these mountains from your previous blogs. It’s that gorgeous for us to recognize it well.

    • I love our mountains. I never get tired of the view.

  9. Do you have crocuses where you are? I believe they’re usually the first Spring flowers before the peonies appear. Is that correct or no?

    • Yes, we do, there are mini crocuses popping up all over. The peonies won’t flower until much later in spring. The plants are just starting to emerge.

      • How exciting! I love crocuses!

  10. So inspiring this time of year. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos!

    • It is really exciting watching things planted a year ago reappearing.

  11. I love the idea of a garden oven so I look forward to seeing a picture of yours when you get it. Your Italian garden looks in great shape>

    • The terracotta oven is amazing. I have not seen one before.

  12. How exciting to see the buds starting! Spring is almost, almost there! 😀

    • It doesn’t feel much like spring yet, but the plants are telling us it is coming.

  13. It’s fun to see the difference between Vergemoli and Ponte, as far as things blossoming. It rather gives you an extra bit of spring, doesn’t it?

    • In many cases I get to see it twice.

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